Knowles Maui Vacation Home Rentals Experience


For the lowest price, but having the best value, you can’t go wrong with going through Luke Knowles when it comes to his service. And for a wonderful budget vacation, Renting during the “Value” season definitely has its perks. At the Luna Kai B309 condominium (, you can enjoy your stay while relaxing on the beach, or simply staying indoors much of your time with a great view.

How Big Is it?

This awesomely cozy condo is 1,100 sq ft., but you’ll enjoy every single inch of it. With constant and frequent remodels, everything is all brand new. There is a large kitchen island, or you can dine outside. There is a sleeper sofa in the living room as well as a humongous flat-screen LED smart television. This option is the perfect condo for families to stay in with all the normal amenities that you would get at most resorts, but you also get the comfort of home. You can enjoy another giant Smart TV in the master bedroom, and the second bedroom can even be made with twin beds for the kids to stay (or you can make a hybrid spare king-sized bet out of them). You get high speed Wi-Fi internet service, your own laundry room, and even more.

The Scenery

The beaches are absolutely amazing. With crystal blue waters, and a broad ranged beach, you have plenty of room and privacy and can even get to use the included body boards with your stay (You can always rent or bring your own surf boards too). The bedrooms are upstairs in the condo, so you can relax in ultimate privacy, but outside is breathtaking. There is a swimming pool and hot tub area, along with a tiki bar and grilling station laid out on a rustic sandy brick patio with surrounding lawn spots. The area is surrounded by beautiful palm trees complete with their own coconuts, but it isn’t too overbearing.

So What’s the Catch?

For only $275, this suite is one of the best condos for the price of value. Keep in mind that they do note on the site that the rates don’t include cleaning fee and Hawaii’s Occupancy Tax (the tax is really the only downside to it, but it’s totally worth it). The rates fluctuate throughout the year depending on what “season” you end up staying there. The most expensive times of year to stay are the holiday season and tax time (February through the end of March).

If you’re on a fixed budget, but want to live in lifestyle and luxury, this is one of the best areas to stay in. And because of how it looks, you can rest assured that you wouldn’t be judged, because all of Mr. Knowles’s properties on this island are actually impressive when it comes to architecture and interior decorating. You can look like you’re living in a rich and fancy condo while being able to project your vacation, save your money, and still have some left over for everything else going on in the island.

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