Kratom Tea-Making – Brewing and Dosing Ideas for the Rest of Us

Kratom Tea-Making - Brewing and Dosing Ideas for the Rest of Us

Here’s my simple brew technique:

I suffer from anxiety that’s actually why I started taking maeng da kratom in the first place was to help deal with anxiety and depression? So I don’t want to give people the wrong idea,when I say it gives you energy and it’s stimulating, because other anxiety sufferers might want to avoid it for that reason. I don’t suffer from chronic pain really, so I can’t say a whole lot about the pain-killing effects, so I would guess that it would definitely work really well for pain.

I’m referring to what most people would usually just refer to as energy or stimulation; just don’t think of it as energy really because it’s not. It’s not like a caffeine rush or an adrenaline rush sort of energy, it’s just you feel productive. You know you’re still relaxed, you still physically, you know are pretty mellow. But you know you just want to be productive and so that’s why I refer to it as productivity and not energy because it’s just yeah like when people say, it gives you energy and it’s stimulating to me that makes me think of things like coffee things like those other stimulants which raise your heart rate and can actually contribute to anxiety and those are things.

I said I don’t know because I don’t have pain soya can’t really say much about the pain-killing effects, unfortunately. But just given the way that it feels in general I would guess that it would definitely help with the pain it has a very opiate-like feeling to it. As now as for the society they like you know they’re excellent customer service in the past this time.

Benefits of kratom tea:

What I ordered everything was perfect and their prices again, I cannot say this enough their prices are amazing you get250 grams for 25 bucks and they’re located in Southern California? So it’s not that far but it costs about 656 to 45 or something like that for shipping. So you’re looking at like 30 bucks for 250 grams which is are a really good price. I Just ordered like a kilo of what I’d I submit is that what I said 200 for bags250 grams each.

It cost a hundred and six dollars, So that’s its and that’s a lot that’s gone last me a really long time, sometimes a little more sometimes a little less depending on the strain, you don’t really see that when you order online usually. I’ve you know looked it over a lot, they’ve got a good variety and I’ve heard very good things.

So that’s why I ended up getting white maeng da kratom and then they had some Green Malay but that was pretty much. They were out of stock a lot of it, so I’m guessing that you know be restocking here pretty soon but that was the only criticism. I have this time shopping with them is that they were out of stock on a lot of things. But from what I understand they’re upgrading their business quite a bit and they may be moving from one location to another.

I’ve ever tried for energy or what I would refer to as productivity, not really productivity that word doesn’t even really fit productive miss motivation that’s a good one motivation. It’s definitely got me feeling very productive and motivated very high on that one pain-killing effect again. I don’t I definitely no judge based on what the package looks like their website. It looks amazing to me that it is important for an online vendor, you’ve got to have a good website, and it’s easy to use.


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