L1 Visa: Advantages and Restrictions


The people’s interest in going abroad increases because of the employees who demand more financial growth. For that, their employers are requesting a transfer to the US company that they have working with. That application is the L1 visa. Yes, they need to contract with the US companies if they claim themselves as a foreign corporation that does business in America.

However, there are some grounds that they need to consider. The decision to transfer is easy as it is. Thus, it requires qualification before processing an application. Not all employees can request this endorsement. A managerial, executive, or person with specialized knowledge about a US company is the position you must have. It is not for anyone, and you need to have this position to proceed with your application.

Moreover, if you have an idea of entering the US but have no qualification above, you can apply for other visas. The US is well known to have different permits to help you access and do business within America. Hence, providing the requirements is the essential part of preparing your request. Ensure that you have the documents and qualifications to have a faster submission. As you know, the process will proceed if you hand over the complete requirements that they demanded.

Apart from that, remember that applying for this endorsement is not a self-petition. The US company that you are going to work with will submit your application. It means that they are going to be your petitioner, and you serve as their beneficiary. When the proceedings come out positive, you can now have the L1 visa and work for them in the time that they give you or until you have the L1 access with you.

The same goes for your employer. They need to work also in America throughout the visa holder’s stay. It is a fact that you both need to consider to have a good transaction and work in the US. So, to know more about the advantages and the restrictions of this L1 visa, join us and explore the information we will give you. Let us move forward to discover the good side and the limits of this endorsement.

Benefits Of Having an L1 Visa

This section concerns some of the advantages that you can get from this endorsement. It contains a list of the benefits that you can assure of when you have the L1 visa. This helpful information might help you to decide if you are going to apply for this request. Yet, if you already have the application, you can check this article’s positive favor that the US might give you. It includes the following;

Living and working in the USA

It concerns your ability to stay and work in America. When you get the L1 visa, immigration will grant you the authority to enjoy your life within this country. Plus, you can freely make an income from the company where you got transferred. They employ you and make you part of a specific company where your foreign corporation has an excellent relationship.

Extend the period of stay

There are times that you have a contract with a maximum of 3 years when you have the L!A visa. Thus, with these L1A benefits, you can extend it to 7 years max. The same goes for the L1B visa holder that gives the three years. You can keep going to 5 years max. It is an excellent thing to have and also enjoy your work in the US company. Thus, considering the requirements is also essential.

Dual Intent Visa

As a person who works hard for their families, there are some instances that you come up with the dual intent visa. The first one is a nonimmigrant intent that refers to an idea of going back to your home country and has no doubt of staying and immigrating to the US. On the contrary, the other is to temporarily remain in the US and intend to get a lawful residency.

No set wage

It does not require that the US company will pay you a particular wage. Still, the US employer must consider complying with the state and federal minimum wage law.

Benefits for your family

Your spouse and children have a respective benefit that they can get because of an L1 visa. It includes the following;

  • Your wife or husband and your children below 21 years old whose not married can accompany you to America.
  • As your dependent, they can get L2 status.
  • Your spouse can also get the opportunity to work.
  • Your children can attend US school and get a US education.

L1 visa has eligibility in premium processing.

The USCIS can provide premium processing. You need to pay an additional $2500 to make the process possible. Then, within 15 days, you can expect their response.

Limiting in annual numbers of L1 issued is impossible.

Unlike other endorsements that have a quota annually, this visa is free from that. It has no annual limit to the number of L1 permits issued.

Restrictions of L1 visa

This section contains the list of the possible restrictions that the l1 visa has. Considering it is also essential for your safety in the US working. It includes the following;

Must be employed already

It is the first thing that you need to be when you are applying for an L1 visa. Of course, you need to be employed by a foreign corporation before transferring to a US company.

No extension of visa if you exceed the benefits extension that the immigration gave you

As we mentioned earlier, the extension of the L1 visa is also possible on particular grounds. Like with the L1A, you can extend it by a maximum of 7 years, and the L1B visa has a three years minimum that you can carry on to 5 years. Thus, more extension is prohibited.

Limited Types of Company

It is also essential that your company has a branch office, affiliate, or subsidiary in the US. It means they need to be a multinational company before applying to you for an L1 visa.


Having a business is a great choice, but for this L1 visa, it is impossible. This visa is for working in a US company. If you have a plan to do business, you can apply for other US endorsements. The L1 access is different from the further affidavit you need to request before having business in America.


That’s it. Here is the information that you can browse about the advantages and the restrictions of this L1 visa. Guiding you to understand the details that can positively impact this endorsement is why we make this topic. The benefit of having this visa is an excellent thing that you can get from working in the US. It can also provide a fantastic future for your spouse and children.

Besides, not only the positive side is with this endorsement. There are also some restrictions that the US government gives you. Of course, immigration will not provide all authority to you and your family. Still, you need to follow the limits that they give you. It is for the security of the government and also your safety. You can consider it as their way to provide you the favor and at the same time assure them that you will do your part and also theirs.

We are grateful to share with you this excellent information. We hope that it can be a helpful reminder that can benefit you the most. Thank you for navigating this article and stay in the end. Please, enjoy your day, and good luck with your application.

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