Large Dog Stroller – How to Find the Best Dog Strollers for Bigger Dogs?


A few years ago, dog strollers weren’t considered a necessary tool, but its popularity has changed drastically! There is no shame in asking yourself why you would need a stroller for your dog. You may even think that the last thing a dog needs is a stroller! However, in this article, you will find out that there are many reasons to get a large dog stroller. Stick around to learn some more.

Best reasons to get a dog stroller

  1. Better to move around: a dog stroller makes it easier to move your dog around. Whether you’re going to the vet, or to a friend’s house or to a dog pool, a stroller will let you get there faster and it will keep your dog from getting too much sun or wet from the rain. 
  2. A dog stroller protects paws: a dog’s paws aren’t typically prone to damage but it is a very important part of a dog’s body. On irregular surfaces, you need to take extra consideration to protect your dog’s paws. A stroller makes this very easy since it provides your dog with some relief from the elements and any harmful object.
  3. Pet strollers are really helpful for older, injured or disabled dogs: these dogs don’t generally walk around because they have some sort of incapability. This doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. If your dog has mobility problems, you must use a dog stroller.

Top large dog strollers in the market

Since you know some of the benefits of using a large dog stroller, here you have a top of the best strollers to choose from. Take into consideration that the size of the dog really matters. This list is purely destined for large dogs.

  • Pet Gear No-Zip Stroller Large and Extra Large

The Pet Gear Expedition stroller can transport up to a 150 pounds’ dog. The design is quite basic but it’s very efficient since it has no problems when moving the weight and you can keep a good view out of the front, side and back windows. 

Furthermore, your dog will be comfortable since the internal compartment is spacious. Also, it has four tires to keep it stable and low to the ground for additional stability. Its tires are made of rubber so they can handle both pavement and non-paved surfaces. It has great brakes to keep the stroller from getting away from you. Overall, it is a great dog stroller.

  • Doggy Ride Novel Dog Stroller

This type of large dog stroller is perfect for those pet parents that outdoor adventures and you want your dog to keep you company. This dog stroller is made from lightweight aluminum which makes it easy to push. Additionally, you can transform it from a dog stroller to a bike trailer which makes it ideal for biking trips.

The inner compartment is large and very comfortable. This stroller can transport up to 110 pounds. The compartment can be detached and used as a crate. This makes it perfect for traveling, camping, etc. Lastly, its wheels make it an all-terrain stroller capable of going anywhere. 

Last thoughts

Dog strollers might seem unnecessary at first, but your dog can greatly benefit from it. Always remember that any tool which helps your dog live longer is definitely something that you should invest in. A dog stroller clearly classifies as such.

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