Latex Paint Sprayers


Latex paints sprayers are easy to use, apply and bring finishing of the paints. Latex paints are termed “latex” because previously rubber-base was used that is no more used. Presently, latex paints are made with water-based soluble. These latex paints are built on the vinyl and acrylic paints. Latex paints are the future now. You will not be able to find the oil-based paints in the future. So, you will have to rely on the latex or water-based paints. These changes will be brought about due to regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

– What Is The Best Spray Gun For Latex Paint?

If you are about to buy a spray gun for the latex paint, you need to keep in following characteristics of the latex paints:

  1. Gorgeous Smoother Surface: First of all, latex paints are known to produce the smoothest surface of the paint. You need to check the product if it works well or not. It must be capable of producing a beautifully smoother surface.
  2. Adjustable Pressure:The latex paint sprayer must have an adjustable pressure so that it can have control over the paint flow. You must make sure to check the adjustable pressure mechanism of the spray gun before you pay for it.
  • Quick Start-up: Start-up button must always be easy to operate and start. It must not take many seconds. It should be fast and reliable.
  1. Cleaning: One of the most important things to consider is cleaning. You may not want to waste half an hour or a full hour in cleaning the sprayer gun. It must have a power adapter that connects it with garden hose for the cleaning purpose.
  2. Suitable for Different Projects: The Latex Paint Sprayer should be suitable for different types of projects. Wide range of projects would fetch handsome income.
  3. High-Quality and Durable Metal: The Sprayer must be made of the excellent-quality and durable material. The durable metal would extend the life of the sprayer.
  • Clogging: We appreciate it when tip is reversed for prevention of clogging. So, there must be a Switch-Tip and In-Handle filter for the prevention of the clogging.
  • Handle: Latex Paint Spray Gun must have a handle which will make it easy to carry the sprayer. A handle adds an excellent element of the portability.

Following are some of the things a spray gun must not have:

  1. Plastic Body Construction:A spray gun must not have a plastic body. If it has a plastic body, it means that the spray gun would not be durable. A spray gun must have a metal body, which increases longevity of the product. So, you buy value for the money.
  2. Short Hose: A spray gun hose decides your range of working, speed of painting and speed of the area coverage. If a spray gun has short hose, it means that it would restrict your movement. A short hose would also be too short for many projects. So, you must buy a spray gun that has a longer hose.
  • Heavy and Bulky: If a spray gun is heavy, it would be very difficult to hold it. The spray gun is the best that should not be too heavy and bulky.
  1. Good Warranty: Every spray gun must have a warranty. You would not benefit from a warranty-less spray gun.
  2. Overspray: Spray gun must not have extensive and a lot of overspray. Otherwise, cleaning would be required. Cleaning is nothing but a big headache.

– Can latex paint be sprayed?

Previously, latex paint was made with the help of the ‘latex’ that was a rubber-base. So, the name latex paint was kept. But now latex paint is made of synthetic resins. So, the chemical formula of the paint has changed.

Since latex paints are now made of the new synthetic resins, they have thinner consistency and compatible with water. So, it is possible to spray paint with the latex paint. So, you can use an airless gun or latex gun for spraying paint with the latex paint.

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So, you can spray paint with latex paints.

– Can You Use Latex Paint In An Air Spray Gun?

Yes, you can use a latex paint with an air spray gun. Nowadays, latex paints are made of the synthetic resins. Synthetic resins have thinner consistency, which makes them an ideal product for spray painting.

There are many benefits of the latex paints. They are available in various finishes, dries very quickly, can be cleaned up with soap or water, fades on a lesser rate etc. So, latex paints are the best option.

Here are some of the details regarding usage of the latex paints and air spray gun:

i. Shelf Life of Latex Paints:

Latex paints can be used for ten years, if never opened or frozen. Leftover paints can be used within two years of period.

ii. Drying Times:

Drying times of the latex paints make them the most desirable painting job. Most latex paints dry within an hour or less within room-temperature environment.

iii. Curing Times:

If there are ideal conditions, latex paints can take maximum two weeks to cure. Then, it can be washed.

You have to follow these measures before opting to use latex paint in a spray gun. Otherwise, you will not be able to obtain the best results.

Thinning of the Latex Paints:

Before using latex paints in an air gun, you must thin the paint. Latex paints is one of the thicker paints than traditional finishes. So, latex paint must be thinned before it is used as a paint in an air gun. You must thin the latex paints well in water then it can be used effortlessly with an air spray gun.


Latex paints were previously could not be used with air guns. However, now they can be used with air guns as they are made of the synthetic resins. These synthetic resins are compatible with water. So, the latex paint can be thinned and used in a spray gun.