Laundry Tips: How to Do Your Laundry the Right Way


Laundry is something you might do frequently but have you been doing it the right way? There are times when you might struggle with stubborn stains, fingertip peeling and the likes when doing laundry. It might be that you are doing something wrong! Well, we will give you some tips you ought to keep in mind to get the best laundry results.

Sort before Doing Laundry

Sorting has got to be the first rule for anyone doing laundry. You don’t want color bleeding clothes to mix with your bright colored clothes. You also want to handle different fabrics differently. For instance, you can hand wash delicate clothes like bras and undergarments to avoid damaging their shape.

Tip: Dab wet cotton on the inside part of the clothes you want to wash to find out if it bleeds and sorts it out from the rest if it does

Check out for Stains Early

Clothes are bound to get stained but don’t let them turn into the stubborn ones you can’t handle when doing laundry. Deal with the stains immediately by soaking and rinsing it. You can even apply a stain remover to the stained part immediately. You have to check this even if you are using self service laundry.

Use the Right Detergents

You should also find the right detergent for your laundry needs. Yes, not all detergents are the same and although you will often use powdered options, they won’t work for all laundry needs. For example, you can use heavy-duty detergents that have the ingredients to remove stubborn stains. These types of detergents have enzymes, surfactants, and other ingredients that are good with stubborn stains

You can buy the right type of detergent for your laundry online or from a store location near you. In fact, you can save on detergent purchases from most top online stores by jumping on frequent offers. A good example is using Dollar General coupons to make payments thus saving on your laundry shopping. We recommend that you check out on offers advertised in weekly ad flyer circulars before buying online.


  • Read through the ingredients when selecting the detergents for your laundry.
  • Use less detergent to avoid overdosing

Use the Right Water Temperature

Again, not all fabrics are the same and this should be a factor when you are selecting the water temperature for your laundry. For instance, if you are washing delicate fabrics then cold water would be the best choice. Only use warm to hot water for moderately or heavily soiled fabrics.

Avoid Fading

Some clothes, particularly the dark-colored ones are notorious for fading. Thus, you would want to take good care of dark fading clothes when doing laundry. For example, you can use cold water, turn them inside out before washing, use a detergent for dark colors, etc.

Avoid Wrinkles

Have you been struggling with wrinkles on your clothes? It could be that you are washing them with too much agitation among other factors, of course. Coldwater also tends to leave wrinkles and could even stretch some clothes. You can use a fabric softener to reduce shrinking and stretching plus you can select a low dryer temperature. But, don’t leave them in there for long. Hang them out to dry instead.

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