Learn All About Voice Activated Door Locks

Technology is rapidly changing, and the home security industry is at tabs with it. Homeowners are opting for more convenient ways to have access to their properties without sacrificing security.

The level of security in a home determines how susceptible it is to burglary and intruders. Every aspect or part of the home must be included while enhancing security.

From the perimeter fence, the garden, the shed, external doors, windows to the entrance, treat each as a possible entry point.

There are also risks of misplacing keys and breaking them inside the locks. For convenience, manufacturers in the industry came up with smart locks.

Although there are different types, some of the most notable are those that respond to voice commands. The advanced smart locks are quite convenient, and a reputable locksmith can recommend the best one suited to your needs and budget.

What Are Voice Command Door Locks?

These types of locks will respond to voice commands given which must be as per the enrollment. They have voice-activated controllers within them.

In appearance, they are not that unique as they resemble electronic locks. It is a convenient way to open and lock your doors.

How Do Voice Locks Work?

The in-built voice-activated controllers will respond once someone speaks. All you will need is a mobile app on your phone, and the response can be sent via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or both.

The voice must be programmed, or anyone can issue the command. Again, you must use the same voice that was programmed, and if not the command will not be effective.

Features To Look Out For

Every manufacturer wants their products to be exceptional. It is the same with these locks, whereby they have various useful features.

For example, a routine can be set up, and once you issue the specific command, what you need to be done is completed. You can lock the doors, turn off the lights, and even get the weather report from one word.

From the same device, you can get to know who visited your home and at what time. The tracking history capability is practical when you want to control who comes to the house and what time.

What to Do When Purchasing the Lock

It is not the type of lock that you get off the shelf, pay, and leave. Once you are certain that it has the features that will boost your home security, it is time for enrollment.

Also known as the training phase, the voice of those that will be using the lock must be enrolled. It is a must if you are to enjoy proper functioning.

The individual comes up with a phrase or text that the system uses to analyze the voice characteristics. It then stores it in the database, and its operation becomes speaker-dependent.

Once the enrollment is complete and the individual masters the commands to use, the system will then verify. In the testing phase, a sample speech will be compared to what is already on the system.

The two must match for the smooth operation of the locks. It is not until the match is found that the individual can start using the voice-activated door locks.

Benefits of Voice-Activated Door Locks

Voice-activated door locks come with a range of benefits. It explains the reason they have become a popular way to enhance security in large homes.

Unbeatable Convenience

When you know that misplacing your keys will not be a problem and nearly impossible to be in a lockout, you have peace of mind.

With keyless entry, it will be convenient as all you need is to speak. The words or phrases must be the ones enrolled and verified during purchase. If you forget or use other words, you will not gain entry.

Monitor activity in your home. They have history capability that you can use to check who entered your home and at what time. If you have workers and teenagers that you want to check if they keep time, this is an ideal option.

They can be integrated with smart home systems. These locks will not be enough to secure your home as you will require a security system. It can be integrated to boost overall security.

Since they are non-contact, they are easy to use.

They can be set up temporarily for a visitor to access the home. For example, perhaps cleaning services come once a week or a friend will be around for a week. They can be given access for the time they will be around.

You can incorporate a secondary authentication if need be. If you feel there is a need for this, a locksmith will help program fingerprints or passcode.

Staying Safe with Voice-Activated Door Locks

The reason you chose voice activated door locks is to keep your home, valuables, and family safe. These locks have challenges that have to be mitigated.

Although they can only be controlled by the authorized voices, you must consider secondary authentication. A locksmith can help set up a passcode or program fingerprints.

The primary and secondary authentications can be used consequently, and this enhances security.

A residential locksmith will ensure that installation is done perfectly to avoid complications. They do it to prevent binding, and the smart lock will operate smoothly.


Voice-activated door locks are non-intrusive and non-contact. Without the need for a physical key, you will not worry about losing it.

Locksmiths are there to help when you need to decide on the best option for your home security. If you doubt your options, work with a reliable specialist. They understand the best voice command locks for your home and how you can make it more secure.

One thing that homeowners are enjoying about these smart locks is they are hands-free. Even when your hands are full with stuff, you just issue a voice command, and you gain access.

As time goes by, more features will be incorporated, and the smarter they come, the more secure homes will be. For convenience and peace of mind, these are excellent options.