Learn how you can convert orthodontic leads into sales

It’s always good to have patients engaging with your dental practice social media platform, reading your monthly newsletters, and choosing your branded pens at exposes, though these actions may not increase your revenue. You need to convert these leads to grow your dental practice, meaning converting people who have shown interest in your dental services into patients.

Most orthodontists don’t consider themselves business owners, so they don’t use the tools that assist other business owners to grow their businesses. You should note that orthodontic leads refer to potential patients. There are many habits and tools you can use to convert leads into patients. In this article, you will learn how you can convert orthodontic leads into sales.

Differentiate your orthodontic practice from the competition

Today, orthodontic offices are opening in many areas. This means that there is now higher competition to attract new patients than before. For a potential patient to choose your treatment, you must stand out from the rest.

You need to have a good social media presence so that you can make yourself known in your area. Therefore, you should consider participating in community service events, have an informative and updated website, and offer services and products your competitors don’t provide, such as digital scanning and gold braces. In this way, there is a good chance that you can stand out from the rest of the orthodontic practices in your area. Also, to learn how you can convert leads into sales, you can check the Grow Ortho Podcast.

Know the people interested in your services

It’s worth noting that most people don’t like to receive offers that may not meet their needs. Therefore, you need to figure out who is interested in what services you offer. For example, someone can be fascinated with invisalign, so you need to send offers for this rather than offering them brightly colored bands on braces that may not attract them.

In other words, you should always know the interest of your leads when it comes to your products or services. The best way to do this is to use a customer relationship management database. You should note that this system can track the emails your potential patients open, the links they click, and the time they last spoke with any of your staff members. You can also find some customer relationship management systems that you can integrate with your social media and website so that you can track the prospects who are engaging with your content.

Above all, it makes sense to focus on the most qualified leads. It can be tempting to offer orthodontic treatment to everyone regardless of the distance from your office. But this strategy doesn’t usually work, and chasing cold or warm leads can be a waste of your resources and time. Therefore, you need to spend your hard-earned cash and precious time on the prospects that are most likely going to use your services. This means that you let the other potential customers go, especially if your orthodontic practice may not benefit from them.