Learn the interesting history of the Asian beer Beerlao

Southeast Asia, which includes the five Mekong nations, is close to the equator and primarily experiences tropical weather. Because of this, it is always hot outside, and at that time, a bottle of cool beer usually crosses one’s thoughts. In reality, the five Mekong nations have a wide variety of excellent beers.

In Laos, one of them is a beer known as “Beerlao.” It was previously so well-liked that it held a 99.9% market share of the Laos beer market, however, it is currently claimed to have declined significantly as a result of Tiger Beer of Singapore. Since Beerlao is present in every bar and restaurant in Laos, you can tell how popular it is.

‘Lao Brewery firm (LBC)’, a brewery firm in Laos, produces Beerlao. France and Laos established LBC in 1971, and it started making beer in 1973. It became a state-owned enterprise in 1975, the year the current Lao People’s Democratic Republic was created. And the beer has been referred to as “Beerlao” since 1995.

One of the defining characteristics of Beerlao is that it is manufactured from rice, not malt, unlike other beers. Rice was used to make Beerlao because barley does not grow well in Laos’ tropical regions. Paradoxically, Beerlao was unusual because it lacked malt.

There are several other varieties of Beerlao, including Beerlao Dark, Beerlao Lager, Beerlao Gold, and Beerlao White Lager. As a result of the little variations in the raw materials and manufacturing processes, each has a unique charm. Try to select your favorite flavor and aroma among them so that you may choose according to your preferences!

Some Laotian dishes that pair well with Beerlao will be suggested. You may consume meat and stew combined in Sin Dat, a Laotian barbeque, which is widely available across Laos. Ground pork is served on top of noodles in a rice noodle dish called Khao Soy, which is created in the style of Luang Prabang and has a very distinct, rich flavor. Laap, which is prepared with diced meat or fish, as well as a variety of vegetables and spices, goes well with Beerlao. Additionally, a lot of other foods, like Ping and Khao Pat, go well with beerlao.

Beerlao received praise for its flavor in 2004 when The Times named it the greatest beer in Asia. It also received one silver and two gold prizes from Monde Selection. Why not get a bottle of Beerlao from a shop close to your home and experience the atmosphere of Laos? Beerlao is presently exported to several nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Korea.

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The foundation of the beer is locally cultivated jasmine rice; the hops and yeast are imported from Germany, and the malt comes from France and Belgium.

LBC’s original lager, Beerlao Original (5% Alc./Vol.), is available in 330 mL, 640 mL (1+18 imperial pints), and 330 mL cans. It is offered throughout Laos and in Cambodian eateries with a Western theme. It is becoming more prevalent in Thai bars. As of 2013, restaurants in Laos charge a minimum of 10,000 kips, or little more than USD 1, for a 640 mL bottle. The beer can be purchased on tap or in draft form in select locations. Locals refer to this as a sot, or “fresh beer”.

2005 saw the introduction of two new Beerlao brands, Beerlao Light (2.9%) and Beerlao Dark (6.5%), as well as a locally brewed Carlsberg beer by LBC. 330 mL bottles are used for both of them. Beerlao Light is no longer available.

The 5% alcohol lager Lanexang was introduced by LBC in April 2008. Lanexang, which translates to “Million Elephants,” was the name of a legendary Lao empire from 1354 until 1707. Despite being relatively difficult to find, Lanexang Beer has steadily grown in popularity among local drinkers since its introduction.

2010 saw the release of Beerlao Gold, a brand-new beer. The beer’s distinctive component is “khao kai noy” rice, which is said to give it a “…good scent and non-sticky texture,…”

LBC introduced two new beer varieties in 2018 and 2019: Beerlao White, a white lager, and Beerlao IPA.

The corporation asserts to have a 99% market share of the Laos national beer market, while the entry of Singapore’s Tiger beer may have hurt this position.

The 2009 Southeast Asian Games, which took place 9–18 December 2009 in Vientiane, as well as the majority of sporting events in the nation, were sponsored by Beerlao. They are one of the leading marketers in the nation and produce one of its most well-known calendars, which features the year’s Beerlao beauty contest winners.

Beerlao has received three quality awards from Monde Selection, the first international quality institute established in Belgium, including two gold awards (in 2006 and 2010) and one silver award (in 2003).

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At present, beerlao is exported to countries like the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Ireland, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, France, Thailand, Denmark, Hong Kong and Macau, Switzerland, China, Singapore, and the Netherlands. Most Lao border crossings offer duty-free access to it, particularly those in Thailand where it is typically priced in Thai baht (starting at 20 baht per can as of 2006).