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Singaporean beer brand Tiger Beer was originally introduced in 1932. Heineken Asia Pacific, formerly known as Asia Pacific Breweries, is the company that presently produces it. The business is a partnership between Heineken N.V. & Fraser and Neave, a global Singaporean food and beverage firm.

The Tiger Brewery Tour is a tourist destination in the Tuas neighborhood of the nation that provides guided tours of the beer-brewing process. Tiger is one of the top 10 most valuable brands in Singapore.

330ml bottle of Tiger Beer


Tiger beer, a 5% abv bottled pale lager, was first domestically made in Singapore when it was introduced in 1932. The flagship brand of Heineken Asia Pacific, it is sold in more than 60 different nations.


The brewery manufactures a variety of beer brands.

  • Tiger Beer
  • Tiger Crystal
  • Tiger White
  • Tiger Black
  • Tiger Radler Lemon


Since Tiger Beer’s inception in the 1930s, the tagline “It’s Time for a Tiger” has been in use.

The first book in the trilogy set in Malaya, The Long Day Wanes, was titled Time for a Tiger by author Anthony Burgess because the beer was well-liked in Malaya in the 1950s when Burgess was working.

In his book, Burgess relates that after the publication of Time for a Tiger, he requested a free clock bearing the tagline for the Tiger beer from the makers, Fraser and Neave. The brewery turned down their offer to give him this or any other present. However, it gave in fourteen years later, after Burgess gained more notoriety. Burgess received a free pass to drink any of their beers while in Singapore from the firm in 1970. Burgess said, “But it was too late, I had become a gin man,” in his own words.

Until 2018, Sentosa’s Tiger Sky Tower was in operation.


Tiger Beer has participated in several beer-tasting events and has had success. The company received a Gold Quality award from Monde Selection’s 2011 World Quality Selections.

Tiger in popular culture

Tiger Sky Tower


The beer also appeared in the Jason Statham film The Transporter from 2002. Tropic Thunder, which came out in 2008, included Crates of Tiger. Additionally, Buck Yuen (played by Jackie Chan) prefers this beer and orders it by name in the 2001 Hong Kong action thriller The Accidental Spy. He also keeps an empty bottle of Tiger by his bed in the subsequent scene as he awakens from a dream.

Tiger is regarded as the preferred beer among American and Australian forces in the film The Odd Angry Shot, which is about the Australian Special Air Service during the Vietnam War. In the movie The Virgin Soldiers, Tiger is shown as a favorite among British soldiers during the Malayan Emergency.


Tiger Beer frequently hosts musical concerts in Vietnam. In 2007, the inaugural event was held at tigermusic.com.vn. Every year, the event occurs.

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Interesting History

Singapore was the birthplace of the beverage brand Tiger Beverage in 1932. It was initially produced by Malayan Breweries Limited, a joint venture between Heineken and Fraser and Neave (F&N) with headquarters in Singapore. The beer immediately became well-liked in Singapore and all of Southeast Asia, and it ultimately turned into one of the most well-known beer brands in the area.

The beer was given the name “Tiger” because these traits, which the creators thought were crucial to their enterprise, included strength, courage, and perseverance. When the beer was first created, it was intended to have a light, refreshing flavor that would appeal to the local market and was made with regional components including malted barley, hops, and rice.

Due to the Japanese occupation of Singapore during World War II, Tiger Beer production was suspended. But when the beer was reintroduced following the war, it quickly regained its appeal. Tiger Beer’s distribution network grew in the years that followed, reaching Malaysia and Thailand in addition to Singapore and other Southeast Asian nations.

Tiger Beer had a significant rebranding initiative in the 1980s to update its image and target a younger audience. This includes rolling out many new marketing initiatives as well as a new logo and packaging design. The rebranding initiative was effective, and Tiger Beer’s appeal spread throughout the area.

Tiger Beer extended its market outside of Southeast Asia and into other continents, including Europe, North America, and Australia, throughout the 1990s and the early 2000s. One of the most well-known beer brands in Asia today, Tiger Beer is sold in over 50 nations.

Tiger Beer has stayed true to its roots and continues to employ regional ingredients in its brewing method despite its widespread popularity. The beer also participates in several environmental projects, like lowering its carbon impact and helping out regional communities.

Summing it up!

To sum up, Tiger Beer has a lengthy and fascinating history that dates back more than 80 years. While maintaining a commitment to its values and origins, it expanded from a small regional brand in Singapore to a major global beer player.

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