Learning Musical Instruments During Coronavirus Lockdown


Some people have mixed feelings when it comes to the current quarantine. While enjoying the social company and outdoor activities is great, we may rarely get a chance to sit still with ourselves and introspect.

The good news is there is a cup half-full, and it’s full of time. Instead of waiting for the wheels of society to turn, you might as well start a journey into the colorful world of music.

Here is how.

Learning Music Theory

The thing that most people who are serious about learning musical instruments do is start by learning music theory. Think of music notes as building blocks that constitute the final shape or the music that you hear in the end.

While there are many great musicians who don’t really know how to read musical notes or compose music for other instruments, it’s still a very valuable asset that can define the rest of your musical pursuit.

Learning music theory doesn’t necessarily mean getting into very deep and academic specifics; a little music theory can sometimes be more than enough. It will allow you to listen to and create music through a more flexible perspective.

Choosing an Instrument

Instruments can extremely vary according to different reasons. As a rule of thumb, try to choose an instrument that’s closest to the genre or style you like listening to. Since every instrument can branch into unique designs, a quick tour around this website can show you reviews of different instruments to help you choose the most suitable one for you.

Even though this can prove to be difficult because learning certain instruments can be harder than others, the drive that allows you to push through with dedication is usually about the one you feel most passionate about.

Musical instruments are not cheap, which means that you’ll be investing in a musical future. You want to avoid wasting money and switching between many instruments in a short timeframe.

Choosing an Instrument

Repetition over Variation

While you may be tempted to keep trying new things on your musical instruments, you should try avoiding distracting yourself. Repetition and constant practice are key to mastering a musical instrument.

The more time you dedicate to mastering a single move or shape, the more capable you will be when you’re playing the instrument.

Unfortunately, commitment is not optional if you really want to truly learn to play musical instruments. You’ll need to find a way through the challenges and responsibilities of life to create an efficient routine.

Staying Flexible

Even if you’re practicing an instrument for a specific type of music, staying open to new opportunities is essential if you want to truly develop your own unique style. Musical genres can be interlinked to produce new styles and sounds.

Using your instrument to explore other options will help you master different aspects of the instrument that could’ve taken you a while to reach. You can look at the instruments as a pathway to different directions that you can take simultaneously.

Avoid distracting yourself by taking the time to explore each new style or genre that interests you at your own pace.

Removing Distractions

In a lockdown, you may think that nothing can distract you from your mission, but distractions are still pretty much there. People can get distracted by almost anything if they don’t have the proper mindset to approach a certain activity.

Procrastination and distractions are two faces of the same coin. You need to set a routine that gradually gets stricter to help you stay focused on the task.

Try to remove stimulating distractions that you know would waste your time. If possible, set your phone on airplane mode and keep your computer away. Over time, you’ll learn to resist any temptation to procrastinate and stay focused on the task at hand.

Setting a Proper Schedule

If you have too much free time on your hand during the lockdown, you may be tempted to think that you have all the time in the world to learn the instrument. But the problem is this mindset won’t really take you so far.

Setting a schedule and establishing goals is the best way to go through your pursuit. Without putting things into a manageable timetable, you’re bound to lose a lot of important details along the way because you can get easily distracted and lose track of your progress.

Learning anything worth mentioning takes time and effort; dedication is always the common denominator. But being driven by passion alone without a plan will only cause you to take the longest route to reach your goal.

Being burdened by your conventional day-to-day activities surely doesn’t help your musical pursuit, which is why the coronavirus lockdown can actually be viewed as an opportunity in the right light.

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