Lebron Sneaker Release 2021: Everything You Need to Know


As it has always been a routine, an annual edition of the Lebron sneaker release occurs. These dates are what the sneaker lovers call ‘Christmas.’ Below is everything which you need to know ahead of the 2021 release:


These are the different designs in which the shoes are likely to exist. Below are some of the designs expected to be released among the 18th edition LeBron sneaker release:

Nike LeBron 18-The Home Rendition

The LeBron 18 ‘home’ release comes in a new rendition that celebrates the Los Angeles Lakers’ basketball team’s iconic colors. The latest version looks to celebrate the coveted Black Mamba home jersey that consists of black and yellow color. The knitted upper part of the shoe arrives in white while given gold detailing to the support system. Nike applied a black accent to the Nike Swoosh branding and the heel piece and yellow speckled laces to compliment the shoe’s design. A black midsole, dark Air unit, white rubber outsole, and number “23” branded insoles complete the sleek new edition.

Official release dates for the shoes are yet to be announced but are scheduled for release later in the coming weeks of 2021. The shoe is to have an average retail price of $200. Don’t be late in grabbing a LeBron 18 “home” rendition which comes in white and Amarillo-Black colors.

Nike LeBron 18-The Cool Edition

The Nike LeBron 18 shall arrive in Blue Tint, White, and Clear colors for the cool edition. The shoe features a white knitted upper part with Blue tint detailing the supportive midfoot system, Nike swoosh branding, and the lacing system. Clear embellishments are used on the rear, as the heel arrives in an icy makeover displaying multi-colored confetti, which matches the detailing on the tongue. A white and blue rubber midsole adds a finishing touch to the design, while a clear Air unit and blue rubber outsole get installed underneath to enhance the design’s outlook.

The shoes had been scheduled for release in Asia by February 13th, 2021. The shoes are to have a retail pricing of about $200 on release. The shoe is likely to have men’s and grade school sizes released as well.

Nike LeBron 18-The “GONG XI FA CAI” Edition.

The GONG XI FA CAI LeBron 18 edition is specifically created to celebrate Chinese culture. The celebrations are a way of commemorating the act of blessing another person. The tradition has lasted for more than 300 years. Nike teamed up with a local Chinese graffiti creative unit to launch the LeBron 18′ Gong Xi Fa Cai.’ The shoe injects a youthful attitude and new vitality into the traditional Chinese culture. The shoe’s upper hand arrives in a red knitted design, while a red heel and blue thermoplastic urethane heel match the blue-white rubber midsole. Blue laces tie the sneaker down, bringing a sense of matching the shoes’ colors. The Nike LeBron 18 “Gong Xu Fa Cai” was to drop on February 6th, 2021, in China.

Nike LeBron 18-The Fireberry colorway

Fireberry will debut Nike’s low variation of the 18th signature shoe makeover. With the lower cut, the silhouette arrives in a fully renovated upper that utilizes the Knitposite 2.0 upper in the place of a mesh that stands out from its predecessor.

The Fireberry has a Black and Light Blue Fury design accented by black and blue overlays and stitching throughout the shoes’ forefoot and heel. An icy translucent midsole and outsole complement the blue air heel unit and plastic heel piece to blend the colors further. The air heel unit enhances support and comfort in the shoes. The shoe is to launch on February 3rd, 2021, with the retail price set at $200.

Kylian Mbappe x Nike LeBron 18

France stars forward for Paris Saint-Germain, Kylian Mbappé, collaborated with LeBron James and Nike Basketball to his own LeBron sneaker release. The shoe features colors representing France as a way to pay tribute to Mbappe’s country. The shoe comes constructed with Knitposite 2.0 that has a dark blue tint throughout. The Red color eminently appears on the branding. There are also dual mini-Swoosh logos on the toe that face different directions. There are speckled detailing adorning the laces while more iridescent runs across the outsole for a more robust finish on the looks. The Kylian Mbappé x Nike LeBron 18 was expected to be released in the states on January 7th of 2021. The shoes are to have a retail price of $225.


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