Legal Gambling in the United States

The Supreme court of the United States of America legalized sports betting in more than 11 states of the country back in May 2018. This was clearly done keeping in mind the huge industry that legal gambling has become in the USA. The industry is rumored to be worth more than 250 Billion USD and employees nearly 2 million people. The numbers here speak for itself about the huge size of the industry. There are many famous websites that allow you to bet legally on different sports for example the famous Indiana sports betting website.

A Forbes magazine survey predicted that on averages Americans gamble nearly 900 billion in legal betting. There have been many researches done on why people do gambling at all. Some of the very common findings that have come out our that humans have a lust for money and the desire to control people and things around them. Hence, gambling allows them to earn money more than what they can do from their routine day to day work and also control things if they can predict outcomes of certain events.

A century ago nobody would have ever thought that gambling would become a legalized and regulated industry. However, seeing the amount of money involved the government rightfully stepped in and legalized the gambling on sports. The sports gambling industry contributed nearly 10 billion USD to the local and state tax revenue streams. On one side people argue that sports gambling leads to corruption, scandals, match fixing and higher crime rates hence that it should be completely banned. On the other side people have come up with the argument that sports gambling provides entertainment to people and also generates huge benefits to the economy in terms of taxes and job creation hence it should be allowed and promoted. Many people have also come up in support of the fact that legal gambling proves to be a form of regressive taxation where the rich people bet more and in turn pay more money to the economy in terms of taxation.

Well, it’s a free world and everyone has their own choice to make regarding whatever they do in life. For people like me gambling is pure fun and entertainment, it provides a good chance for me to try my luck and become a millionaire sooner rather than later. Gambling in a legal and regularized way allows many people to test their knowledge on different sports scenarios and make a living out of their passion. Imagine you are a very passionate fan of the Major league soccer and have been continuously following the league for years, wouldn’t it be great if you can predict the outcome of the matches and earn money out of it.

Organized and legal betting has been argued for many years in court rooms, one argument that has always won my heart especially in the favor of sports gambling is that it involves an element of skill and is not purely based on chance alone. For example, if one is predicting which horse will win a horse race, which team will win a soccer match or which player will score next are all outcomes on which one bets based on skill of the team and player in question. Moreover, many states in the United States also have state run lotteries that are made for the welfare of the general public. In the past these state run lotteries have been run for charities and sponsoring welfare programs. 

Legal Sports Gambling is an entire universe with endless possibilities. One can bet on outcomes of the next second to the outcome of an entire tournament. For some people the industry may be a negative vibe but for nearly 80% of the Americans the industry is their hobby and part of their lives. Hence, gamble legally and have fun!