Let’s Have a Happy Cookout this Christmas with these Great Ideas

The holidays are just around the corner and what better way to spend this Christmas than being with your beloved family. Cooking mouth-watering meals to enjoy together is one of the best ways to show how much you care about them and love them. The idea of making food with love would make this holiday filled with Christmas spirit, fun times, and the most scrumptious food you’ve ever tasted.

Time to learn a few things that could make your next cookout the best one this year, whether it’s about your smoker, activities, food, or a nice playlist to enjoy.

The Perfect Smoker

There must be one special smoker that is perfect for every cook, but the truth is that it all depends on several factors. Whether it’s the size, type of fuel it uses, the purpose, or your budget, having a nice smoker is great for all your cookout needs for your family. The group of dads behind Ktchndad believes that smokers are a must-have for families that love to grill and enjoy eating delicious meats. This also makes it possible to have one of the best cookouts ever when you find a smoker that suits your needs, price range, and preference when it comes to its fuel.

Coxinha Chicken Drumsticks

This is an amazing and extremely tasty chicken-filled appetizer. You can consider this easy recipe as the heaven’s chicken because it tastes out of this world. The chicken is smoked first, seasoned well and basted in garlic butter. Then, you shred the chicken and mix it with cream cheese and little bits of chives for that perfect taste. Then you should make the dough to hold the chicken pieces, take a piece of the chicken and put it in the dough to form it back to the bone. Then you dip it in flour, bread crumbs, and egg wash and they’re ready for frying. You’re going to have the best drumsticks ever when it’s done. Yummy!

Games You Could Play

While you’re waiting for your food to be done, you could prepare some fun activities for everyone to enjoy. How about a nice four-legged team race to work up that appetite? Or maybe you’d like to have a nice family football match instead; you can make your own rules to make it enjoyable. You could keep it simple and play an outdoor Jenga on the table too!

Choice of Music

Since it’s the holidays, you could have a nice playlist ready filled with all the classic Christmas music like the famous 1994 Mariah Carey “All I Want for Christmas Is You” song or the hit 1984 Wham! “Last Christmas” song. Another great idea is to compile a playlist that has all your favorite music when you were kids, it will surely make everyone feel like they’re a kid again.

You have so many great ideas for food to prepare in your cookout and having your family join in would be a great way to bond together. You can have all kinds of fun when you joke around and help each other prepare everything, making this holiday an unforgettable one. Cherish your time together, try out new kinds of food, and make new happy memories