Leveling up in Fallout 76


When you emerge from Vault 76 in Fallout 76, your weapon and armor options will be limited based on your current level. As a result, it’s understandable that you’d want fallout 76 leveling up as rapidly as possible to get your hands on better gear.

There are a few straightforward ways to farm XP in the game, thankfully. The majority of them are focused on eliminating large waves of foes and completing events, but there are a few more that you should be aware of as well.

We’ve outlined some of the most effective approaches and highlighted the most useful benefits we’ve discovered so far. This should allow you to catch up to some of the higher-level players on your server, making the endgame objectives much easier to complete.

To focus on alternative ways, avoid missions

Quests can be a convenient way to level up early on, but you’ll soon need to hunt for other, faster options. So, if you’re serious about getting to those upper levels quickly, it’s worth abandoning the main quest for a time and focusing on XP farming.

Kill more difficult foes to gain more XP

This may seem obvious to anyone who has ever held a controller, but there is more to this strategy than simply destroying various enemy types. Each adversary in the game has several different types of rankings, which influence how much XP you can gain from them after they die.

You’ll want to find these higher-ranking monsters and farm them for XP. The general rule is that the further east you go, the better the quality of foes you’ll encounter, so places like the Toxic Valley and the Savage Divide are good places to look for them.

Some events are more enjoyable than others

Another approach to harvest high-level foes is to participate in events. You should be on the lookout for event kinds that require you to fight massive waves of foes. ‘Guided Meditation at The Palace of the Winding Path’ and ‘One Violent Night at the Sons of Dane Compound’ are examples of such events. One Violent Night is the better option right now because it allows you to pick how long you want to summon waves of foes before eventually attracting the Wendigo you need to kill to complete the event.

Events emerge periodically, so keep an eye on your map from time to time to see what pops up. If you’re going to take them on, it’s also a good idea to form a team with other players, as some events have numerous tasks to fulfill or regions to defend.

Protect your workshops

Another type of event that earns a lot of XP is defending a workstation – the places that you can claim for a limited time to harvest raw materials.

There’s a risk that once you claim a workstation, an event will occur in which waves of adversaries invade and try to destroy all you’ve constructed. These events are ideal for leveling up because you’ll normally get roughly 224XP for a successful defense, plus any experience you gain from the monsters you kill.

Use the Inspirational perk card to boost your mood

The following suggestion is for individuals who prefer to play as a group. By raising your Charisma to level two, you’ll be able to unlock the Inspirational perk card. When you play with a group, this card gives you 5% more XP, and it can be upgraded three times for a total of 15%. So, if you’re planning on teaming up with others, be sure to equip this card before entering an event or a location with a lot of foes, and all XP won will be somewhat increased.

Play your cards correctly

The cards you acquire will differ depending on the type of character you’re creating, but there is a handful that is valuable regardless of your character type. Hard Bargain is a perk that drastically cuts vendor pricing; Strong Back is an ability that grants you +40 greater carry weight when completely improved, and Travel Agent is a card that allows you to travel quickly for less money.

Goat Legs and Thru-hiker, on the other hand, are two cards you should avoid. Thru-Hiker reduces the weight of food items, which is useless because food never sits in your inventory for too long before spoiling or being eaten. Goat Legs reduce fall damage but become redundant if you own a set of power armor, and Goat Legs reduce the weight of food items, which is useless because food never sits in your inventory for too long before spoiling or being eaten.

Unlock a combination of these more useful cards as well as ones that are specialized to your build. Traveling around Appalachia will become much less of a chore, allowing you to focus on the aspects of the game that you like the most.


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