Life and Music of Bobby Edwards

Introduction to Bobby Edwards

Bobby Edwards (born Robert Edward Moncrief [or Burgan in some sources] in 1926 – died 2012) was an American singer. He started his recording career with one of his earliest releases “Jealous Heart,” a Tex Ritter over. Soon he became a member of The Four Young Men, which originally were a trio; Edwards eventually became the lead singer, changing the group’s name into Bobby Edwards and the Four Young Men. His solo career was highlighted by the single “You’re The Reason”  which became a top 10 country hit, and just missed the top 10 pop chart during the early 60s music scene. “What’s The Reason” and “Don’t Pretend” were Bobby Edwards and the Young Men’s only other releases. When his other songs did not chart any longer, Edwards had retired from singing towards the end of the 1960s. He died in 2012, aged 86.

Edwards’ Early Years

American country music crooner Bobby Edwards achieved some fame with his Top 20 pop hit “You’re the Reason” during the early 1960s. He was was born Robert Edward Moncrief in Anniston, Alabama on January 18, 1926 to Thomas Moncrief and Eva Murray Moncrief. After being discharged from the US Navy, he started to become a singer under the stage name of Bobby Edwards.

Edwards’ Musical Career

Edwards first came to prominence in 1959 when he secured a recording contract with Bluebonnet Records and recorded his cover version of a Tex Ritter hit titled “Jealous Heart.”  Shortly thereafter, he became a part of the group The Four Young Men, along with Darrell Cotton, Gib Gilbeau, Ernie Williams and Wayne Moore. The group was soon called Bobby Edwards and The Four Young Men. They released a couple of singles “I Goof” and “Just or Unjust” (which was recorded as a trio, prior to Moore’s inclusion) which became local favorites.

In 1961, the combo released their first single “You’re The Reason” for Crest Records. It was written by Edwards, Terry Fell and Fred Henley. The song became a breakthrough hit, reaching at #4 on the country singles chart and crossing over on the Billboard pop at #11, becoming . In the pinnacle of its success, the song was covered by Joe South and Hank Locklin. The following year, Edwards left Crest and moved to Capital imprint and released “What’s The Reason” which has the exact likeness of his biggest single. The song charted modestly at #71 on the Billboard pop chart. In 1963, Edwards cut his last charting record “Don’t Pretend.” It was on the playlist in most country stations but it did not enter the pop chart at all, and so never did the following releases as well.

Leaving the music industry and his later years

In the late 1960’s, Edwards left the music business and came back to his hometown to raise a family while running a small recording studio.

The country singer had since been residing in Smyrna Tennessee. He died on the 31st of July 2012 at Middle Tennessee Medical in Murfreesboro, TN, at the age of 78.

Bobby Edwards’ discography (may be impartial)

D Records


Bobby Moncrief

  • A: Don’t Hold Me To A Vow
  • B: Here Is My Heart

Bluebonnet Records [Fort Worth, Texas]

(Oct 1959)

Bobby Edwards With The Texas Trailblazers

  • A: Stranger To Me
  • B: Crying Because

Manco Records


Bobby Edwards

  • A: Jealous Heart
  • B: I’ve Lost Everything But The Memories

Crest Records

(Feb 1961)

Bobby Edwards

  • A: You’re The Reason
  • B: I’m A Fool For Loving You

Capitol Records

(Dec 1961)

Bobby Edwards

  • A: What’s The Reason
  • B: Walk Away Slowly

(Mar 1962)

Bobby Edwards

  • A: What´ll I Do Without You
  • B: Singing The Blues

(Jun 1962)

Bobby Edwards

  • A: Someone New
  • B: Here’s My Heart

(Nov 1962)

Bobby Edwards

  • A: The Way I Am
  • B: Remember Who Brought You Here

(Jul 1963)

Bobby Edwards

  • A: Don´t Pretend
  • B: Help Me

Musicor Records

(Nov 1964)

Bobby Edwards

  • A: Left Over Dreams
  • B: Nine Chances Out Of Ten

Chart Records

(Jan 1968)

Bobby Edwards

  • A: I’m Sorry To See Me Go
  • B: Once A Fool

(Jul 1968)

Bobby Edwards

  • A: Just Ain’t My Day
  • B: Each Time You Cross My Mind

(Dec 1968)

Bobby Edwards

  • A: Walker Town
  • B: Part Time Sweetheart