Life off screen: The most popular celebrity hobbies


Although celebrities often like to give off a sense that they are ‘just like us’, there is no denying the fact that they live incredible lives that are completely unattainable for the average person.

This is equally true of what they get up to in their day job as it is for how they spend their spare time when they aren’t on set or in the studio.

With that said, here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular hobbies celebrities are known to get up to in their downtime!

Casinos and gambling

As they are well used to the high rolling lifestyle of ultra-luxurious hotels and casinos, it is perhaps little surprise that so many celebrities have developed an obsession with gambling and casinos.

For the likes of Ben Affleck, Tobey Maguire and Floyd Mayweather Jr, the local casino has become a second home of sorts.

Of these, Ben Affleck is particularly well known in gambling circles, and is known to frequent both real money online casino Canada, as well as high-profile poker tournaments. His long-time friend and collaborator Matt Damon is also known for having a similarly strong interest in poker and has competed in many of the same poker tournaments as Affleck.

Collecting things

Given the vast sums of money that celebrities accumulate over the course of their careers — and given that they only have a finite amount of time in which to spend it — it is perhaps little surprise that many celebrities turn to collecting as a hobby.

These collections range from relatively pedestrian items, to the unimaginably extravagant.

For example, Angelina Jolie and Tom Hanks are known for their dagger and vintage typewriter collections, respectively. On the more extravagant end of the spectrum, Nicholas Cage has reportedly blown a staggering $150m on acquiring a collection consisting of dinosaur skulls, pygmy heads and castles.

Nicholas Cage isn’t the only celebrity to have squandered such vast sums of money, with the ever-popular Johnny Depp reportedly having spent $650m on an epic spending spree lasting years.

Exercise and keeping fit

Although exercising is a hobby that many normal people will have in common with celebrities, the rich and famous take keeping fit to a whole new level.

On one end of the spectrum, you have the likes of Richard Branson who, with an estimated net worth of over $5b behind him, is known for his passion for kitesurfing — which is admittedly helped by the fact he owns a private tropical island to kitesurf from!

Similarly, the mega-famous Canadian singer Justin Bieber is known for keeping active. This includes a range of athletic endeavors such as wakeboarding, hiking, and in true Canadian fashion, ice hockey!  If you want to know more about Justin Bieber besides his hobbies, you can check out our article titled Learn More About Justin Bieber’s Musical Career.

For other celebrities and well-known public figures, exercising also functions as an outlet for the competitive spirit that helped them achieve success to begin with. For example, the well-known Indian billionaire Anil Ambani is a prolific marathon runner.

Creating art and making things

Other hobbies that keep celebrities occupied during their downtime are more creative endeavors, such as art and making things.

Some of the celebrities moonlighting as artists include Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey, and the much-loved rapper, Action Bronson, all of whom have picked up a paintbrush on their days off.

Other celebrities known for creative pastimes include Nick Offerman and Seth Rogen, who have fallen in love with woodworking and pottery, respectively. Rogen has become particularly well known for his pottery and frequently posts updates of his latest work on his social media accounts.

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