Little House on the Prairie – An American Classic TV Series

What is the show all about?

Little House on the Prairie was a very popular show that depicted the life of a family back in the pioneer days. The show as based on the books written by Laura Ingles Wilder. These books inspired the show and the show took off in 1974 and ended in 1982. The show was very popular and has had many followers even today. The show still airs on some networks and DVD collections can be purchased at many different stores. The show starred Michael Landon, Karen Grassle, Melissa Gilbert and many others.

The Story

The Little House on the Prairie story starts by telling the story of Ma, Pa and their children which included Mary. Laura, Carrie, and Grace Ingalls. The show followed the girls from their lives as children to their lives as adults. It also told the stories of the other townspeople including the Olson’s and many other people. The show had many drama filled episodes with some that were extremely sad. Other episodes featured a more lighthearted approach and even comical at some times.

Some episodes featured historical figures such as Jessie James while others focused on family issues and the struggles of living on a farm in the pioneer days. Many stories also followed Laura Ingalls throughout the series and her many antics as well as growing up and having a child of her own with Alfonso a man that she met and fell in love with while she was much younger than he was. Other stories follow her sister Mary and her struggle with being blind and the trials and tribulations that came with losing a child. As the show progressed throughout the years stories like race relations and even rape were discussed.

The show went for many years but in the final season Michael Landon and Karen Grassle decided to depart after they had adopted two more children. They were written off the show by moving to another town with better opportunities. Laura Ingalls and her family stayed behind and the show depicted how their lives and new people’s lives flourished in Walnut Grove. Eventually at the show’s end everyone was pushed out of town due to the railroad construction throughout the town.

Little House on the Prairie is one of the most memorable shows out there today with many people enjoying to watch how life was played out in those times. People can both laugh and cry with this wonderful television series.

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