Little Things You Didn’t Know You Need in Your Kitchen


Times are changing, and now there’s a tool or gadget for almost every task you need to accomplish, especially when it comes to cooking but these simple solutions can be easily overlooked when you are used to the regular way of doing them. Why stress yourself out when we have inexpensive solutions in the market?

Electric Knife Sharpener – A dull knife is the nightmare of any chef or home cook. Contrary to popular belief, a sharp knife is a safe knife. Dull knives cause you to exert more effort and has the tendency to slip off whatever you’re cutting, thus putting the risk on cutting yourself instead. An electric knife sharpener solves this dilemma for you and make your cutting and chopping tasks as gentle as a dream. They are easy to use and are also fairly inexpensive.

Immersion Blender – Tired of having your arm feel like falling off every time you try to make a homemade whipped cream? Or cleaning your family-sized blender just for a serving of your little one’s veggie puree dinner? Want to make your grandma’s original tomato sauce recipe? Then an immersion blender is for you. This tiny kitchen gadget might as well be a magic wand with all the things it helps you do – from sauces to salad dressings to healthy green smoothies.

Garlic Peeler and Garlic Press – No matter how much you love garlic, I know we all hate that strong garlic odor that lingers on your fingers after peeling and chopping it. This is what a garlic peeler and garlic press is for. A garlic peeler helps you take the garlic skins off without having to touch it, they’re usually in a shape of a tube then you put the garlic inside and keep rolling until the skins come off. Meanwhile, a garlic press is a handheld tool where you put the garlic inside and press the lever then the garlic comes out finely chopped. Both products costs only a few bucks and they even come in pair sometimes.

Electric Fillet Knife – Filleting fish is challenging enough that it is used as a test for to-be chefs and sometimes even in cooking contests. Using a manual knife, it may take you several cuts and ruined fish before you perfect the craft, but with the best electric fillet knife it becomes an easy task. It saves your time and energy especially if you are filleting a big batch of fish.

Electric Can Opener – This kitchen tool has been around for years but it is one of those items that you don’t really think about a lot since we have been used to manual can openers. If you love canned beans, corn or tomato, then you must have struggled with opening its can with a manual can opener before, probably even cut yourself from lifting the sharp edges of the opened can too. That’s where electric can openers come in, most of these have one-touch operation where you just press a button and it opens the can for you, some are lever-operated, where you just hold down a lever and the opener cuts the top of the can. Some brands even incorporate magnetic lid holders / catchers that lifts the sharp lids off for you so your fingers don’t get cut by the edges.

All in all, these items are the modern solutions to age-old problems we encounter in the kitchen. Do you need changes to your overall kitchen then check out the best kitchen remodeling contractors.  They are inexpensive products made with safety and convenience in mind. You make wonderful meals, maybe even every day, you deserve this. 😉

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