Living Amid The Green Plains Of Al-Barari – Pros And Cons Of The Eco-Friendly Community

Longing for an eco-friendly community and high-end lifestyle, Al-Barari is the place for you. Located Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, next to the global village, Al-Barari is the greenest community in Dubai; not only that, but it also boasts a healthier and secluded lifestyle than any place else in Dubai. The properties up for grabs in Al-Barari are the epitome of luxury and an eco-friendly lifestyle. If you are of the mind to settle your family in a premium location of Dubai, here are some facts, pros, and cons of living in Al-Barari Dubai.

Living In Al Barari

The community of Al-Barari has spread over an impressive 18 million sq. ft, with 60% of the area covered in lush green landscapes and water features. The community boasts both a luxurious lifestyle and sustainable living.

The community of Al-Barari is divided into five sub-communities, namely

  1. Seventh Heaven,
  2. Ashjar,
  3. The Reserve,
  4. The Nest
  5. The Residences

The first two are more affordable and budgeted with apartments and flats; the rest are villas and mansions for more elite residents of Dubai and foreigners. Among all these five communities, The Nest is the most luxurious of all.

The villas in Al-Barari come with four different options; you can choose from Dahlia, Bromellia, Camellia, and Acacia. All the villas have either 6 or 7 rooms in all, the rent is pretty high, but it’s worth every Dirham as it’s the epitome of luxury. All six of these residential communities are links through Common Parklands with waterways; it’s no wonder the community is known as one-of-a-kind residential in Dubai.

Coming to the apartments in Al-Barari, you can either buy or rent 1-bedroom apartments or go as high as 2- and 3-bedroom apartments in the Seventh Heaven and Ashjar. These are well furnished, and come with exclusive parking, play areas for kids, pools for adults, and community facilities like a BBQ area, Gym and Saunas, and jacuzzies. The beauty of living in Al-Barari is that you will always have something to do, from nature to the many community activities; this is the ideal place to raise a family in style.

Here are some of the biggest pros of living in an eco-friendly community like Al-Barari

All The Peace In The World

The first thing you will notice at the Al-Barari community is the peace it offers. For a dwelling place and rearing kids, a peaceful environment is most desirable. Not only that but being in an eco-friendly environment is also highly advisable for seniors and the elderly. At Al-Barari, you get all the privacy and seclusion you can dream of. All villas and mansions are surrounded by lush green foliage, giving the residents all the privacy that they deserve. Al-Barari offers the best amenities as well as a tranquil ambiance all in one. The peace and quiet, eco-friendly surroundings, lack of air, and noise pollution make Al-Barari one of the most desirable places to live in Dubai.

Apart from that, you can also enjoy many healthy activities like Gym, Sauna, aerobics, and yoga, to stay fit and fine.

Sustainable Living

Sustainable fashion, food, and lifestyle are trending, but no one has taken it as far as Al-Barari. There is no place greener than Al-Barari in Dubai. It is one place that is the perfect blend of all green, sustainable and high-end living. Even Al-Barari means ‘The Wilderness,’ which is ideally the perfect name for such a lush green place.


What you pay for is what you get at Al-Barari; the high payment you put forward for the apartments and villas at Al-Barari is worth it when you experience the luxurious amenities at Al-Barari. All the expenses and maintenance you pay for buy you a plethora of amenities that you and your family can avail of at all times. From the restaurants to the health-centered activities like yoga, gym, pool, and spa to community activities like clubs and BBQ areas, all await your presence as soon as you sign up for residence at Al-Barari.

What better place to spend your life and day than at Al-Barari that offers an array of amenities, facilities, and convenience. Most people plan a vacation to relax and go to nature restores and retreats, but the residents of Al-Barari live in the most beautiful Nature Escapes spots; they don’t have to leave their homes in search of a retreat.

Dine-In Facilities

At Al-Barari, there is no need to leave the security and comfort of your community; you have the best restaurants right at your doorstep. Apart from high-end dining, you can also enroll your kids in community competitions like Mini Chefs. As well as take part in other cooking activities for adults like Easter at The Farm, Al Barari Yoga Marathon, Healthy Dessert Workshop, and Pop Up Art.

Luxurious And Spacious

Spread over 18 million sq. ft, each and every community boast living spaces that are wide open and spacious. They are built on the vision of giving the residents the illusion of living in open spaces. This not only comes with villas and mansions but also stands true for apartments and flats. For example, the mansions and villas in The Nest are of Al Barari are a minimum of 16,000 sq. ft. As for the apartments, one- to three-bedroom units are furnished with high ceiling windows, surrounded by nature and greenery to give the dwelling natural light and open-space illusion.

As every coin has two sides, there are also some drawbacks of living at Al-Barari; let’s explore the cons of living in such a famous and expensive place.

  • If you don’t have personal transport or can’t drive, Al-Barari isn’t an ideal residence for you. Dubai Metro isn’t licked to the community, and the nearest station is as far as 20 minutes by car.
  • Apart from the initial payment and rent, there are other expenses like Maintenance fees. These are high as the community needs to keep itself updated and high-end.
  • There may be many facilities already functional in the community, but there is more to come. The community is under development stage; make it better day by day.


All in all, Al-Barari is a great place to live for the high-earners who are willing to live in a secluded place that is all peace, quiet and nature-surrounded. It’s ideal for bringing up a family or as a summer retreat.