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In his famous book, Sapiens: A Brief HISTORY of Humankind, Yuval Noah Harari, rightly mentioned that ‘Tolerance is not a Sapiens trademark’. The very meaning of this sentence concedes with the conflicts that humans live within their daily lives. Human beings have been intolerant through the ages of history. The reason for intolerance has been many. One would be utterly mistaken to assume that human conflicts are elements of the bygone era and are non-existent in the present day.

Conflict and Safety

While most of the conflicts get resolved through mutual discussion and understanding, many of them need physical intervention thereby resulting in violence and injuries. Hence, while resolving conflicts, safety from physical harm is an utmost need of the hour. 

Safety is not only the by-product of conflict resolution but also combating the ill intentions of various anti-social kinds of individuals. Safety can be of many kinds, physical, virtual, etc. One of the major kinds of safety is that against stabbing or bullet wounds.

The most common way for safekeeping against ensuing stabbing is to wear protective clothing followed by various self-defense techniques. In the earlier days, protective clothing used to be armor. 

The earliest record of protecting armor has been found during the Mesopotamian Early Dynastic III period. Different parts of the world had different forms of armors with specific names from that particular region. As and when the generations evolved, so did the armors. Today, the bulky armors are replaced by sleek and light vests that are more effective against stabbing or even bullets.

Vests that protect from Stabbing

The armors of the modern age have evolved a lot. The most important factor in today’s armor is its design. The earlier versions made movement quite restricted and were worn on top of clothes. The modern version is a completely reversed one from the previous versions that maintain agility as well as concealed within the external layers of clothing. 

If one might wonder where to procure such items, the internet is the place for them. It is because, many websites, like, have a wide variety of such vests to choose from along with delivery facilities as well.

Now, a question might arise who are the users of such vests. The common population not involved in any physical conflict management usually does not need these pieces of clothing. They are especially needed who are in hand-to-hand combat situations like police personnel, traffic, environment, or security wardens, paramedics, immigration and customs officers, bailiffs to name. 

Needless to mention all these professions need safety against any possible attacks in case of any confrontation. Stab vests provide a wonderful frontline safety to such professionals.

The primary material of stab-proof vests is Kevlar. A synthetic polycarbonate fiber is extremely tensile and does not usually break under attacks like slashing or stabbing, Kevlar is loved by all the designers who produce stab-proof vests. While Kevlar forms the main constituent, research is still going on to improve their effectiveness even more.

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