Looking for a change of career? Why not consider nursing?


If you speak to the majority of people, you’ll soon learn that, for most of them, a job is about far more than just a paycheck. For most workers, a job represents a chance to change the world, the opportunity to socialize and to feel like you’re part of a team. So, what could be more rewarding than the idea of really changing lives and making a positive impact through working as a nurse?

In our ever-more-connected world, the routes into nursing are easier than ever. That’s not to say that studying to be a nurse doesn’t take time, effort and dedication – but there are now more ways than ever to get qualified and start working in your ideal job.

Reasons why nursing is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world

Year after year, surveys asking the most rewarding jobs show that careers in the care industry come at or near the top of the list. While most careers offer at least some level of satisfaction and a sense of making a difference, there can surely be few more rewarding and satisfying positions than being paid to care.

Below are just a few other common reasons cited as being the biggest draws and biggest advantages of taking up a career in nursing from those already in the job:

The opportunities for study are more widely available than ever: Where once studying to be a nurse required long days and nights physically attending a college or university, there are now more opportunities to study online than ever, at a time and in a place that suits you. Courses like those offered by the University of Texas could see you start your BSN while completing your ADN and fast-tracking your way into a job working as a nursing practitioner.

Job stability: While the world is undoubtedly changing and tech is becoming ever more prominent in almost all spheres of our existence – everything from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Machine Learning (ML) – the human touch, empathy, care and understanding required to be a nurse won’t be replicated by machines any time soon. Indeed, nursing and jobs in the caring profession are regularly cited as being among the most secure professions for the coming years.

Nurses make a real and tangible difference: Sure, producing that spreadsheet or nailing a sale in a more standard job can be rewarding but nothing quite compares to making a tangible difference to a fellow human’s existence. Nurses – along with doctors, surgeons and other staff in healthcare – stand at the front end of human existence. Just try and imagine doing a job every day where you’re saving, embellishing or improving the life of another person.

Nursing is one of the few jobs that has guaranteed benefits: Unlike most commercial jobs, nursing comes with guaranteed benefits ranging from assured paid holiday leave to extra bonuses – plus there’s a structured career ladder to climb, especially if you put in the extra effort and gain additional qualifications.

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