Looking for a Fresh Nail Look? These Eight Funky Nails Are Perfect for You

There’s nothing quite like a great manicure, but if you’re really into having nice nails, you may be tired of the basic nail designs you’ve been getting on your nails for forever. While there’s nothing wrong with a tried and true classic manicure, sometimes you just feel like switching up your nail art. These eight funky nail looks are fresh and unique, and guaranteed to get you out of your nail slump.

In order to quickly and easily apply these eight funky designs to your nails, we have the very best method of manicure for you: semi cured gel nails. Instead of taking your dream manicure designs into the salon and paying a small fortune, or even worse, trying to recreate them yourself, semi cured gel nails have designs that are already created and ready for your nails. And because they are 80 percent cured when you receive them, each manicure set from the gel nail company Ohora is ready to be fitted to your nails and sealed. After being cured the final 20 percent under a UV lamp (approximately one minute), you’ll have a long-lasting manicure that will be much cuter than any you’ve seen before. Or, if you are a beginner and want a professional, stylish look for your nails without going salon then you can buy the best polygel nail kit and try different types of nails shades and patterns as you prefer.

Keep reading for the eight nail designs we know you’ll love due to their creative spins on classic manicures.


Fresh and funky nail looks are ones you don’t see every day, and probably wouldn’t think to ask your manicurist for—yet, when you see them, you can’t help but want to recreate the look ASAP. The Snatched manicure set is one we promise you won’t see others around you rocking, so your nails can be totally unique with this design. Each individual nail’s pattern is distinctive, but they’re cohesive (and incredibly cute) together.


Fleur is a whimsical and creative twist on traditional florals. The abstract style of each flower print is artistic and quirky, just like you! Imagine all the different arrangements you could make on your nails with these petals. Whether you choose to keep each finger unique or repeat the same flowers on different nails, the choice is up to you. Whatever you decide, your nails will look super chic.


This nail set is for everyone with a sporty side. If you’re drawn to bold, fresh colors like a zesty lime green, but also find that you gravitate towards good old-fashioned black, why not choose a manicure that compliments both sides of you? When paired with the checkerboard pattern, this design brings to mind days spent on-the-go with fun events.


If you love shades of blue but sometimes want to pull a wild card with a bright shade or fun pattern, the Molly nail set will compliment you. With a combination of navy blue polka dots, sunny yellow, classic white, and soft sky blue, there’s a shade of color in this set for your every outfit. This set has a super summery feel to it, so grab your chance to wear this nail design before the season ends.

Newtro No. 1

If you want to really take your nails outside of the box with a new nail look, you don’t need to search any further than the Newtro No. 1 manicure set. The holographic decals shimmer your nails in the light, while the blue, pink, and white glitter is subtle enough for everyday wear. This set is also perfect for special occasions.


What is fresher than a new spin on a classic design? Most people can probably appreciate a lovely French manicure, but not everyone wants to wear such a subtle nail look, especially since it is often used for formal occasions. But with this updated twist you can decorate the tips of your nails with blue and silver sparkles that are eye-catching and fun.


Talk about funky! These psychedelic pastel rainbows have the perfect ombre blend that makes your nails look like they’re constantly moving in the light. If you find you can never decide what color to wear and that your outfits never match your nails, the Pastel manicure set is for you; it’s guaranteed to match all your outfits and lets you wear each of your favorite colors at the same time.

Cotton Cloud

How about some summer nail vibes with a dose of funky fun? The soft blue shade in the Cotton Cloud set is exactly the color of a perfect summertime sky, while the ombre white-to-blue strips capture the sky’s color during different times of the day. The happy smile drawings add an extra touch of cheer to this already joyful manicure set. You definitely won’t forget to smile when you see these fresh designs on your nails.

If you love a good manicure but are tired of getting the same nail designs you always do, these fresh and funky manicure sets are the perfect solution. Because they are already 80 percent cured, application couldn’t be easier or faster. Have fun trying out these unique designs—we know you’ll love them!