Looking for a Rehab in South Bend? Find Out What to Look for in a Trusted Treatment Center


After a long time of battling an addiction, you’ve decided enough is enough. You want to turn around your life by going to rehab and leaving the center clean with a new lease of life. An outpatient drug treatment program is a great way for people to recover from substance abuse issues. It can be less expensive than an inpatient rehab program, and can fit around a busy schedule.

If that’s the case, then congratulations are in order. Acceptance is the first step to recovery, and realizing that you need professional help with your addiction takes incredible courage. Rehabilitation signifies the beginning of a new and mindful lifestyle and will affect you and the people around you. The inpatient drug rehab near me provide the most intense treatment for patients, since they are removed from their usual environments. This helps them focus on their treatment and recovery, which removes the stressors and distractions of home.

Rehab facilities centers are equipped with personnel trained in addiction and recovery matters, from managing withdrawal symptoms to therapy and helping patients avoid relapses. All in all, these centers help patients get their lives back on track.

However, not all centers are the same, and sourcing for a perfect rehab center is not particularly easy, considering there are so many of them out here.

So, how do you choose which one to check yourself or your loved one into? What are the bare minimums that rehab should offer? Take a look at the guide below to get an idea of the basic questions you need to ask when looking for a rehab in South Bend.

What Types of Programs Are Available?

Different rehabs offer different solutions, but one of the most important things to consider is the types of programs offered to see if they match your needs. Rehabilitation centers usually offer four primary programs:

  • In-patient care- Patients stay in a hospital facility where they receive round-the-clock care for severe addiction issues.
  • Outpatient- Patients live at home but go to the rehabilitation center to receive treatment from addiction treatment professionals.
  • Residential care- Patients stay in a non-hospital facility where they receive round-the-clock care for severe addiction issues.
  • Sober Living- This arrangement involves patients living in supervised temporary homes where they can proceed with their

As you choose your rehab, consider the arrangement that would work for you or your loved one struggling with substance addiction. For severe addiction, in-patients are recommended in order to receive intense treatment and attention during the recovery process.

How Far Is the Facility Located?

Rehabilitation can be quite a tough journey, and patients need to feel as comfortable as possible. Getting a rehab close to home or work is a good idea because you can be close to your family or, if you are outpatient, you can make it in time for work or school.

However, depending on the degree of dependence and substance involved, an outpatient facility might be more ideal. This can be quite convenient, especially during the detox phase, where trained staff can monitor your symptoms and intervene if necessary in case you experience harsh symptoms that might put your health at risk.

How Much Will It Cost You?

Rehabilitation is a service, and institutions offering rehab depend on the fees paid by the patients to keep their doors open. Therefore, expect to find rehab centers with varying price ranges.When looking up viable rehab facilities, it is vital to find one that a patient or their sponsor can sustain financially. Look at the fees involved in admission, treatments, and accommodation. How different are the rates between outpatient and inpatient care?

You can also contact your insurance company and inquire if they cover rehabilitation costs. This is not automatic with most covers, but if they do, this will go a long way toward helping you foot the treatment cost and easing the financial burden.

Which Types of Treatment Are Used?

When you or your loved one is going into rehab, the type of treatment used should be at the top of your considerations. Depending on the addiction (and your doctor’s recommendation), a certain type of treatment may be the best option. For instance, medication has proven useful in treating drug dependency in opioid addicts. They ease the effects of withdrawal and often alleviate physical pains.

While some institutions offer medication to tackle drug dependency, some centers subscribe to the abstinence model and do not administer any prescription medicine to their patients.  Discuss treatment options with your doctor after assessment so they can advise the best method of treatment for the addict involved. This will bring you a step closer to choosing a suitable rehabilitation center.

What Is Their Track Record?

When we need to find services or products, we often ask for referrals from people we deem trustworthy. This should not be any different when searching for rehab centers.

Ask around and make a note of the facilities with good reviews. You can also go online and see what former patients and employees say about a particular rehab center to give you an idea about the facilities you might have shortlisted.

You also want to go to a rehab center that has a long and successful history of treatment. Rehabilitation is a sensitive issue, and you would want an institution with qualified professionals to help during this trying time. Additionally, try and check for potential choices with your insurance broker to confirm if they have a relationship with the center and their views on it.

Choose The Best for Yourself

Making a conscious decision of going into rehab or taking your loved one into a drug or alcohol treatment center might not be an easy one. But the results will prove worth the trouble. As you search for the perfect rehab center, consider the tips listed in this column. Factors such as insurance can cut your costs greatly, and getting referrals will help you narrow down your shortlist to find an ideal rehab in South Bend.

Beware of centers that promise 100% results or recovery. No one can determine full recovery except the patient because sobriety is a conscious choice that can only be made and upheld by the individual going through the program. All the same, complete sobriety is possible, and finding a suitable rehab center will be an added advantage to a fruitful journey of addiction recovery.


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