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Travis Perkins is an established company and a leading partner to the construction industry and one of the largest distributors of building materials in the country. Their company has over 20,000 colleagues working, innovating and maintaining their products and material quality         in the UK, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. They are a company which takes pride in being straightforward, and they also value honesty, trust and kindness. Along with that they are known as the Uk’s largest supplier of building materials. They have a successful network of over 500 branches, which are operational, supplying thousands of products and materials for buildings.

So, if you have been looking for building materials and trade essentials., then you should look no further than Travis Perkins. With them you’ll find a huge range of quality timber, building materials, kitchens, plumbing, heating and several other materials and trade essentials. If you have been looking to trade with Travis Perkins then you can do that either online or via App. You can also visit their local branch for that matter. What’s more? You can check their Trade Essentials range for the best prices.

Finest products and materials on Travis Perkins

Here are the finest products and materials on Travis Perkins which are completely under your range!

1. Feather Edge Boards

They are also known as close board, shiplap, and featheredge. They are super versatile and perfectly suited for residential applications which can provide a timeless appearance. If you have been looking for a feather-edge board too, then you should check out the wide range of feather edge boards. One of the best selling feather edge boards you’ll find on Travis Perkins is Bsw Green Treated Featheredge Fencing Board. This feather edge board creates a perfect fence and is used in conjunction with the fence rails. The timber used in these feather edge boards is sourced from sustainable forests.

2. Garden gates

A garden gate is used as an entrance to a field, a garden, or the grounds of a building. It comes in the beginning, which means it is bound to have a first impression on the people who are visiting. Along with that, a garden gate can ensure the security and privacy of the property. Which is why, if you have been looking for a garden gate lately, then you should check out the wide collection of garden gates on Travis Perkins. One of the best selling garden gates from Travis Perkins is Canterbury Pedestrian Flat Top Pedestrian Gate with Vertical Solid INFILL. This gate has an aluminium design and along with that it brings a traditional style along with a contemporary twist.

Porcelain Tiles

3. Porcelain Tiles

It is interesting to note that tiles are not just installed to protect the surface of the areas in your bathrooms and balconies. They are remarkable installations to enhance the interior designs of your house. Apart from that, they also create a beautiful atmosphere which in turn adds aesthetic look to your house. If you have been looking for aesthetic looking tiles which can add beauty to your house then you should check out the wide range of tiles offered by Travis Perkins. They offer beautiful, aesthetic and differently patterned porcelain tiles at the best prices. Some of their best selling tiles are: Romana Beton Outdoor Porcelain Tile Silver, Romana Beton Outdoor Porcelain Tile Ivory, Romana Alpine Noce Outdoor Porcelain Tile and many others.

4. Plywood

Do you know? Plywood is actually very cost effective and is used in various structural applications such as shear walls, formwork, flooring etc. It is made of wood which can be used in almost everything right from furniture to house construction work. If you have been looking for a versatile and highly workable building material-based plywood material, then look no further than Travis Perkins quality-based Plywood range. Check out several types of plywood that Travis Perkins sells such as General Purpose Plywood, Structural Hardwood Plywood, Marine Plywood, etc. One of their best selling plywood is Marine Plywood. This is super suitable for general joinery. Along with that, it can be painted and stained as well.

5. Flooring

When it comes to your house interior design, aesthetic flooring is essential. It can either make your space, or it can break your space. Along with improving your home’s living lifestyle, it also enhances your home interior design. Which is why if you are investing in a good flooring, then you should trust a great platform like Travis Perkins. Wherein. You can explore different types of flooring for your house or workspace. You can find wood flooring such as oak flooring or rustic laminates. With Travis Perkins you’ll surely find something which will definitely suit your taste.

So, why wait when you can find the best building and trade materials with Travis Perkins along with free delivery? Log into your account at Travis Perkins to reap its benefits.

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