Looking to make a quick buck? Start selling your old furniture online


Selling unused or unneeded furniture is a great way to quickly cash and declutter your home. However, there are many avenues to sell your furniture, and not all are created equal. While some may be quicker, you could also earn less money, or there is simply not a big enough market for your items.

In this article, we will look at the process of selling your furniture online and offer some tips and tricks to get the most out of your furniture

Choose a Good Online Seller

Choosing the best online marketplace to sell your furniture is critical. Depending on your furniture and the market you want to sell to, you’ll need to try different retailers. For high-quality new and vintage furniture, we recommend using AptDeco to sell. They have a curated marketplace that makes it easy for your furniture to be found by eager customers. And their selling process is straightforward.

Take Accurate Measurements

This is crucial when selling online, as the customer can’t measure the piece in person, and the last thing you want is for a customer to return your furniture because it doesn’t fit their space.

Determine The Value of Your Furniture

Researching your furniture is essential when trying to sell it. If it’s a relatively new piece of furniture, just look at what retailers are charging for the same model. If it’s vintage furniture, some internet deep dives will be necessary. Remember, since it is a piece of used furniture, you will usually have to mark it down. The standard is twenty percent.

Be Honest About The Condition of Your Furniture

Honesty is essential when dealing with customers who can leave bad reviews or return items. Ensure you inspect your furniture for any scratches, dents, and cracks. And accurately describe them in the product description.

It’s Photoshoot Time

Taking high-quality and flattering photos of your furniture is essential in online selling. The customer has nothing to go off but the photos and your product descriptions, so it’s up to you to convince them with your photos

Write a Well Crafted Sales Pitch

When writing the product description, don’t only focus on writing an accurate physical description of the product, although that is important. When using an online marketplace like AptDeco, your product description is your sales pitch, so it’s essential to focus on the positives that can’t be gleaned from a photo. For example, if it is vintage furniture, maybe write about the piece’s history. If you are selling a piece of furniture that you feel brings good energy to your living space, don’t be afraid to mention that in the product description

Selling Your Furniture Online Should Be Easy

The internet was supposed to make long-distance communication and trade easy, but ask anyone who has tried selling things online before, and they will tell you there are a lot of compilations that come with it. Fortunately, if you use AptDeco and follow the tips listed above, selling your furniture should b a piece of cake

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