Lordhair: The Future of Custom Hair Systems is Now


Hair has always been and probably will always be closest to our hearts. No wonder, we get into panic mode as soon as we notice fallen hair on our pillow, sink, or comb. However, men and women have started looking at their hair differently in the past decade. They still love to try different hairstyles to get a stunning look but the fear of hair damage is bigger than ever. Thankfully, we are here to bring an industry-wide change for good.

What do we do? 

Lordhair is an international hair system brand that’s revolutionizing the way men think about their hair. In the last decade, we have made a name amongst modern men and women who love to experiment with unique hairstyles but are experiencing temporary or permanent hair loss.

We specialize in stock as well as custom hair toupees and wigs that bring the best of quality and affordability. Whether you need a partial toupee, medical hair system, or full cap wig, we can design a custom product and ship it to your doorstep in less than a week!

What powers us?

As a business, we are powered by industry expertise and innovation. While the prior helps us craft superior nonsurgical hair replacement products, the latter helps us come up with hair recovery and styling products suited to your unique requirements.

At Lordhair, we think that the duo can revolutionize the world of hair systems and wigs. And that’s what we are trying to do since Day 1.

How do we work? 

Because millions of men and women across the globe experience or fear hair loss, we designed a unique hair system customization process to help them take things into their own hands. Play around with our easy-to-use virtual process to customize every aspect of your hair system and create something truly unique.

Once you are done designing your hair system or wig, place the order with us and our team of experienced wig designers will get down to work! In case of any inquiry, connect directly with our team through email and get all the support you need to customize the most amazing toupee ever!

Future is now 

For centuries now, the wig industry hasn’t been fully delivering what men and women really need. That’s precisely why we started Lordhair. Thanks to modern hair system materials and design practices, we have helped millions across the globe get the hair of their dreams.

It’s time to become part of the hair revolution by sourcing partial toupees, full cap wigs, lace hair systems, and even medical wigs from the top hair system suppliers!

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