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Do you like watching random videos of funny incidents? Like cute cat videos, dog videos, and other random funny stuff? Well, we have just the site for your entertainment. Watch cute dogs run behind their tails, men screwing up while trying to do something awesome, and embarrassing moments of people in high-quality video one PutPut.net. You will find a lot of videos from different genres here from funny videos to 18+ adult content. Depending on your mood you can choose the genre of videos you will watch from a diverse collection of options. Stop being bored and depressed, start with this site and have a good refreshing time with yourself.

Despite a diverse and big collection of genres and videos, we will primarily emphasize the funny stuff you can watch for relaxation and chilling. You will find animal funny videos, embarrassing moments videos, accident videos, fuck up videos, and a lot more. Just grab a few snacks and tune in now. The videos are short but they are sure to crack you up no matter how down you are feeling. You can try videos from other genres and admins if you check the menu on the site.

Videos and pictures

The site has both videos, pictures, and GIFs of several different types. If you are into anime you will find anime waifu pictures, anime wallpapers, and hentai pictures and videos in their sub-sections. There are even nudes, NSFW content, and other celebrity hot pictures available on this site. You will find the famous genres first in the menu but there are all the genres available once you move down the list. Nevertheless, it is assured you will find what you are looking for on the website easily because it is very easy to navigate.

The funny contents

The funny contents are mostly found on #lustigebilder and genial genres. The #PutPut website is famous for its anime and funny content. Though at times it can disappoint you most videos are a big LOL. If you keep watching these videos you might just get addicted to them so be careful. The best categories among these videos are the animal videos, it is an absolute public favorite and hence Lustig is the most popular genre on the website. You must go try them out while chilling with your friends or girlfriend, it will be an assured good experience.

NSFW and adult contents

You will find NSFW contents and memes along with other adult contents like nudes, hentai, and almost porn like stuff. So according to your mood find what you need and do what you want with videos. You can search for your choice without having to go through the genres. Also do not forget to register to get full access to the website.

Gaming and comics contents

To all the gamers #PutPut is the best site for gaming memes and gaming wallpapers too. You will find the most famous game genres on the menu. Contents on games like apex legends and PUBG are available on the site. You will also find cartoon contents like videos wallpapers and memes with the comic contents under the comics and cartoons genre. So yes, your kids can enjoy this website too.


Though most of the website is in the German language it has enough English for everyone to access the website. Even you can search in English so the German language will not be an issue. Now go and visit the website and find out for yourself. Let us know about your experience in the comments.

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