Lottery Addiction and How to Avoid It


Gambling is a fun activity to do. However, just like any other fun activity, overdoing it may cause an unwanted addiction. Some people are addicted to playing the lottery and they don’t even know. Here, we’ll discuss lottery addiction and how to stop it.

What is a gambling addiction?

Gambling is an uncontrollable urge to participate in gambling activities despite the negative effects it has on your life. As earlier mentioned, you can be addicted to gambling and fail to know that you are an addict. So, it is great to observe any indicator that you are addicted to gambling.

How will you know you are addicted to the lottery?

Here are some observations that you can make to know if you are addicted to the lottery:

  •  Thinking about the lottery all the times and anticipating the next draw
  •  Increasing the amount of money that you use to play lottery games
  •  Passing the set limit of the amount of money you have set aside for playing the lottery
  •  When you feel guilty for playing the lottery all the times
  •  When you constantly try to recover the money that you have lost in the lottery
  •  Jeopardizing important relationships that you have such as friendship, family, work, and school because of gambling
  •  Stealing money so that you can gamble
  •  Asking friends to bail you out because you have lost money on the lottery.

These are the key indicators that you are addicted to the lottery. Therefore, any of these signs should alarm you to act immediately to avert the probable addiction.

Tips to Avoid Lottery Addiction

Here are valuable tips that can help you to avoid lottery addiction or get you out of the addiction if you are already in it:

Plan ahead to avoid boredom

One of the top reasons why people go to lottery addiction is that they are bored and have nothing to do during their free time. Therefore, you should plan ahead to engage yourself with other fun activities during your free time. If you are engaged, then your mind will beat the temptation of playing the lottery.

Rekindle your old hobby

Another thing that you can do to stop lottery addiction is to rekindle an old hobby that you used to enjoy. This will mean that you are substituting the time you spent playing the lottery with something that you also enjoy. It means that you will not feel that you are missing something out of your life.

Join support groups

You can join support groups to feel and share experiences with other people who are facing the same problem as you are. The support groups can be found online. Such groups have insightful information that can help you stop or avoid gambling.  Also check out woburn rehab as well.

Think about the consequences

Addiction to the lottery has negative social and financial consequences. You need to reflect on them and see how bad this kind of addiction is ruining your social and financial life. This can give you the motivation to stop overplaying the lottery if it is not helping you.

Seek professional help

If you have tried all of the above tips and you still find yourself addicted to gambling, you should consult the services of a professional. Here, you will get professional guidance on how you can put an end to the problematic lottery addiction.

Can you come out of lottery addiction?

Yes, many people have come out of lottery addiction and gotten back to playing lottery games responsibly. This should be your target if you are addicted. Playing responsibly means that you have control over the lottery and you decide when to play. After playing you can even skip watching the draw and check the results at

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about lottery addiction any longer if you know how to avoid and stop it.

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