Lounge or Blues: Which Music Genre is Best for a Casino?


Music sets the mood for everything, especially when you are looking forward to an evening of gambling. A Las Vegas casino sets the atmosphere with pulsating rock music or soothing lounge tunes. The right environment sets the mood for the gamblers and affects behavior towards the games. In the right gaming atmosphere gamblers feel enthusiastic about exploring different casino game with money wagers. In this article, we explore the soothing and motivating effects of tunes for casinos.

Lounge Music in Casinos

When you visit an online or a Las Vegas outlet, your mood is set by the sounds that greet you. It is usually instrumental, soothing music that gives you a sense of relaxation. That is, after all, what a gambling destination is all about. It encourages visitors to unwind and relax and get in the mood to explore different games.

If we trace back the history of lounge music, it appeared in the first half of the 20th century. It is also connected to facilities that offer relaxation such as pubs and restaurants. It soon became associated with casinos. With time, such a genre became connected to the environment that players associated with gambling destinations.

Today the same is found in reviews on online casino domains of Canada that players frequent. Zodiac is an excellent example of a reputed Canadian gambling domain online. If you opt for slots such as PlayAmo you will find a soothing background score that accompanies the game. The same works for many of the table games on this site such as poker.

Success of this sound genre is contributed to several characteristics that it possesses:

  • Lounge sounds are sweet, mellow, pleasant, and soft. It helps players to relax as well as concentrate on games without realizing that they are listening to tunes.
  • Tunes in this category are soft. They help create a balance between mental focus and relaxation.
  • Research shows that such low-tempo tunes bring forth an association with tropical scenes and exotic tunes; they have soft, calming effects on the brain.

Zodiac website has gained popularity for the pleasing visuals and theme as well as the pleasurable sound effects it offers. If you are looking for a relaxing evening at this online gambling destination, it might be a good idea to spin slots where jazz or blues-based lounge tunes play.

Lounge Music in a Canadian Casino

A good example of finding the right lounge environment is at a casino in Canada in Boomtown. It is located in Fort McMurray, an urban area in the Wood Buffalo region of Alberta. This part of Canada, located in the midst of the oil sands of Athabasca, has seen significant development, due to the petroleum industry here. Hence, Fort McMurray has a vibrant urban life, part of which is the nightclubs and casinos.

Boomtown is particularly known for live lounge music. Customers who frequent the place find the atmosphere just right for gambling, especially during the weekends. They enjoy the decent selection in slots, blackjack, and other table games amidst the live music environment that is created every weekend here. Many also find the food choices of a modest price range that helps them have a good evening out.

In contrast, the online domains usually have sound effects that come on as you load a game. That too can be toggled with. A variety of tunes play in the background of different slot games. In many poker games, jazz-based lounge tunes play in the background. This helps players to relax and focus on the games. If you wish to play slots that are relaxing, you can try your hands at certain song-based slots. For instance, PlayAmo features relaxing jazz lounge music that also attracts fans of this genre of tunes to try the reels of the game.

Blues Music in Casinos

Many Las Vegas destinations are known for the live performing events that are held there. Indeed, casino owners along the Strip realized that the right kind of music would get players coming back to their venues every time. It would also keep the moolah flowing freely as players enjoyed the environment that the jazz or blues genre created. One of the well-known blues musicians was Frank Sinatra. When he came on stage and performed in the fifties, it brought on the fans and drew the crowds to the games as well. There were other legendary performers who raised the bar in blues performances in Las Vegas. Lola Falana was known as Queen of Blues and became the highest-paid among showgirls in Vegas.

Blues Music in Casinos

Many associate blues with sadness but in these outlets, it affects behaviour in a positive way. Instruments used in this music genre include a keyboard, saxophones and trumpets. While live events are held during weekends and special occasions, on an everyday basis, you will find jazz and blues tunes dominating the casino scene. Piped sounds that play across the different floors include instrumental tunes of such genre, creating an uplifting yet soothing, and relaxing gambling environment.

So which Genre is Better?

Lounge music mostly recreated instrumental tunes put together in relaxing tempo, can be created from different genres. Hence you can find soft rock music tunes as well as uplifting jazz and blues tunes that makeup lounge beats. Blues tunes in instrumental form help remind gamblers of the live music evenings, as the saxophone and trumpet sound help to recreate the magical effects. Blues is more associated with live events at casinos while piped music is usually of the preferred lounge version. Hence, both music genres get their distinct places in casinos.

When it comes to online portals, however, a piece of general background music is found only in a few. Among online gambling destinations in Canada, you can enjoy music linked to different games. For instance, when you load the slot game of Jimi Hendrix, you can enjoy tunes of songs that he made popular. Similarly, you can look up and find different music-themed slot games to enjoy on these portals. You will also find relaxing jazz tunes in the backdrop as you play poker or blackjack games.

As it is apparent, blues and jazz-based lounge music dominate the live casinos. You can enjoy the music of your choice in online slot games as you turn on sound effects at the online gambling websites.

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