Love in the Age of Quarantine: Fun and Romantic Indoor Date Night Ideas


Whether you’re staying inside with your loved one or dating long distance, the current quarantine can have a strain on date night. Following the same routine every day without a break or some activity can become monotonous too. Instead of getting bored with one another, why not turn the quarantine into a chance for a unique date night?

Long-distance relationships have a 58% success rate. By using this fun, indoor date night ideas, you can increase your chances of success!

Keep reading and discover a new way to date with these 10 at-home date ideas.

1. Get Creative

Boredom can drive anyone a little crazy. One of the easiest ways to break the monotony is to add a little creativity to your day. For a fun virtual date, plan a few arts and crafts as a couple.

If you’re not the creative sort, this is a great way to expand your comfort zone. You can head online for plenty of tutorials or instructional videos. Many arts and crafts utilize items you already have around your house!

As you look up new date night ideas, make a list of crafts you can complete together. For example, grab a notebook and pen and sit in front of each other. Place your pen on the page.

Then, without looking, try to draw your partner!

If you’re looking for virtual date ideas, use video chat and try your hand at the same activity.

For those of you who aren’t feeling artistic, consider expanding your creativity by learning new skills. In fact, developing a new skill is good for your brain. Learning skills can increase the density of white matter in your brains and form new neural pathways.

As a result, the new skill you learn could stave off dementia!

What can you learn from one another? Maybe one of you plays a musical instrument. Ask for a daily music lesson as a way to bond.  Or come up with your own classic play lists such as for 80s music and beyond and share.

Learning a new skill together and learning from each other is a great way to kindle the romantic spark.

2. Cook Dinner Together

You can get creative in the kitchen, too! If you’re looking for fun date night ideas, make a list of recipes you’ve always wanted to try. Then, cook together.

After all, you have the time!

Cooking as a couple can help you learn how to work as a team. You can balance responsibilities, expand your palette, and discover a new favorite dish! Try your hand at food from different cuisines, too.

If you’re dating long distance, try cooking the same recipe over video chat. Then, sit down to eat as if your partner is at the table with you! Have a conversation and enjoy date night despite the distance.

Don’t forget to leave room for dessert!

3. Take an Online Dance Lesson

Does one of you have two left feet? Consider adding an online dance lesson to your list of at-home date ideas.

Push the coffee table out of the way and create a makeshift dance floor in your living room. Then, pull a dance tutorial video up on the TV. There are plenty of tutorials available on YouTube that cover a range of different dance styles.

Dancing as a couple is a great way to remain active even while we’re under quarantine. Dance the night away and get rid of that cabin fever you’re experiencing.

Try a different dance style every night or work on the same tutorial until you’ve perfected your dance moves.

4. Work out Together

To keep your blood pumping and endorphins flowing, consider scheduling a workout for your next date night. You can find plenty of online workouts available on YouTube. Whether it’s kickboxing or yoga, working out together will help you establish a healthy routine during the quarantine.

Working out will also help you boost your productivity. Exercise is also a great way to keep your mood levels up throughout the day. The next time you catch yourself in the middle of a Netflix binge, switch the channel and get moving!

5. Sing a Song

Feeling a little competitive? Why not challenge your partner to a fun karaoke night? Sing some of your favorite duets together or serenade your lover with a love ballad.

If you’re looking for karaoke songs to try, check out Sing King on YouTube. You can also find plenty of lyric videos online to sing to!

6. Tackle a Puzzle

Keep your brain active by working on a puzzle together. If you don’t have any puzzles in the house, order one online. Challenge yourselves by getting a puzzle with a lot of pieces.

If you’re looking for long-distance date ideas, buy the same puzzle and compete! See who can finish their puzzle first.

Add a bottle of wine to the mix as you try out these different date night ideas.

7. Paint Away

For another way to stretch your creativity, try grabbing some paint and paper. Then, choose the same image to paint. See how you both interpret the image as your own masterpiece.

8. Plan a Spa Day

Need to relax? Why not plan a couple’s spa day? You can give each other massages, create your own calming face masks, or draw a couple’s bath.

Either way, a spa day will give you the chance to enjoy one another’s company and let your stress fade away.

9. Visit a Virtual Museum

Are you and your loved one living apart throughout the quarantine? Don’t let that distance have a damper on date night. Instead, plan a virtual date!

According to Google, 51% of people between the ages 18 and 24 say video and virtual dating are important.

Many museums are offering digital experiences. You can visit the Louvre together, tour the art, and discover your favorite pieces as a couple.

10. Break out the Games

If all else fails, break out some good old-fashioned board games. Let your competitive side take over and see who can win! You can even turn it into a tournament and try your luck at a few different games in a single night.

Searching for more fun ideas? Explore the Home Living section of the blog today!

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