Love Smartphones A Lot ?? But Don’t Buy Expensive Phones.. Reasons Below!!

As we know everyday or every month a lot of smartphones are launching with so many of the amazing features but also there are so many of the phones which are too expensive for some of the people and they are not able to afford those smartphones. If we go according to the normal usage of smartphones, all our needs can be fulfilled by the normal range smartphones as well. But the majority of the population go for the expensive phones which are of huge brand. There is no usage and some of the new features if we compare the mid range smartphones to the high range smartphones, the thing is the showoff of the brand. Investing a huge amount of the cost in the smartphone is just a waste rather we invest in the smarter thing from which we can earn great profits. If all the needs are fulfilled in the mid range smartphone we should not invest more on the high range smartphones who dominate the mobile market in many ways. Also we have to think that there are also so many harmful effects on the environment because of the excessive production of smartphones.

Premium Features

All the features you will find in the high range mobile phones are available in the mid range phones as well. SO, if you are striving for the features then you don’t need to buy really expensive mobile phones. You can also buy the mid range smartphones which also have all the features which are available in the expensive smartphones. You will get all the features such as bigger display, bigger camera, amazing features for the normal usage in the phone and many other features you will find in both the phones.

Device Run

Many of the mid range smartphones run very fast and amazingly as compared to some of the old flagship mobile phones. The mid range smartphones are giving high end performance while normal usage and on a daily usage basis. As the refresh rate of the mobile, android version of the mid range and expensive phones is same because of this maximum of the features are so similar in the flagship phones, the processor of the phone, the ram and storage are offered same for both the devices.

Change Device

If we buy a normal mid range phone then we will never feel guilty buying the new upgraded phone. If we are using the mid range phone which is up to 15k and we have already used the phone for about more than 1 year we can buy the new phone but if we buy the flagship phone which is about 80k to 1 lakhs then there is no sense to buy the new phone again after few months. We have to stick to the phone for a longer time just to use it according to its price.

Sudden Accident

Sudden Accident

If you buy an extremely expensive smartphone and just after two or three days the mobile phone screen breaks and you also have not done any kind of the insurance for this thing, then all the huge amount of your money will be wasted. You have to do some insurance for the high end mobile phones just to save the money and protect the mobile phone from any type of sudden accident. The guilt in the heart cannot cope up with the amount we have used for buying the phone. But if you buy the normal range phone still the guilt is there but in very lesser amount. You can also update to the new phone whenever you want to. Think about this before buying your new phone.

Amazing Elements

Sometimes there are so many of the elements and features which are just available in the mid range smartphone only as maximum of the high end smartphones battery doesn’t exceed to 4500 mAh but most of the mid range smartphones are coming with the huge and big battery which is a very essential feature for the smartphones. With big battery smartphones we can use the smartphone for a longer period of time and we don’t have to charge the mobile phones for shorter durations in the whole day.

No Charger

Many of the high end and expensive smartphone companies are not providing the charger in the mobile box. Some of them do not provide the usb cable as well. At least they should send the charger with the box of the phone. Customers are buying too many expensive phones. The basic things should be on the phone as well. In earlier times some of the companies also sent basic earphones with the box of the phone but as the time passes they are removing all the things.

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