Love Unlimited Orchestra and Their Hit “Love’s Theme”


Introduction to Love Unliimted Orchestra

Singer Barry White and the all-girl trio Love Unlimited’s own backing band, The Love Unlimited Orchestra, also made a name for themselves particularly in the early 70s by recording and releasing their own singles.  The 40-piece orchestra (all string-laden) are probably best known by their number one instrumental hit, “Love’s Theme,” in 1973.

Short career summary of Love Unlimited Orchestra

The Love Unlimited Orchestra was a 40-piece string laden orchestra founded by the late American R&B/soul artist Barry White (b. September 12, 1944 – d. July 4, 2003). Formed in San Pedro, California during  the 70s music era, the ensemble provided the background music for White and his all-girl backing group, the Love Unlimited. In addition to backing duties, the Love Unlimited Orchestra also made a name for themselves by releasing their own several singles and albums.

Love Unlimited Orchestra’s releases

In 1973, the Love Unlimited Orchestra issued their first single for 20th Century imprint “Love’s Theme.” Written by White himself, the instrumental disco piece became a chart-topper on both the Billboard Hot 100 and the Billboard adult contemporary singles chart, and #10 on the R&B singles chart. “Love’s Theme” was also a huge hit in the UK at #10. It sold over a million copies and was subsequently awarded with a gold disc on February 7, 1924. It has become an oldies music classic.

Throughout the ensemble’s career, they continued to release singles for a variety of labels: Unlimited Gold, Casablanca and Collectables. Some of the follow-up singles were low-charting pop hits in the US like “Rhapsody in White” (#63, 1974), “Satin Soul” (#22, 1975), “My Sweet Summer Suite” (#44, 1976) and “Theme from King Kong” (#68, 1977). The Love Unlimited Orchestra continued to make music until the early 1980s.

Love Limited Orchestra’s discography (may be impartial)

20the Century Records

(Nov 1973)

  • A: Love’s Theme
  • B: Sweet Moments


  • A: Theme From Together Brothers
  • B: Find The Man Bros.


  • A: Baby Blues [Mono]
  • B: Baby Blues [Stereo]

(Apr 1974)

  • A: Rhapsody In White
  • B: Barry’s Theme

(Nov 1974)

  • A: Baby Blues
  • B: What A Groove

(Jan 1975)

  • A: Satin Soul
  • B: Just Living It Up

(Jan 1975)

  • A: Satin Soul
  • B: Just Living It Up

(May 1975)

  • A: Forever In Love
  • B: Only You Can Make Me Blue 

(May 1975)

  • A: Forever In Love [Mono]
  • B: Forever In Love [Stereo] 


  • A: Love’s Theme (Instr.)
  • B: Satin Soul

(Apri 1976)

  • A: Midnight Groove
  • B: It’s Only What I Feel

(Aug 1976)

  • A: My Sweet Summer Suite
  • B: Just Living It Up

(Dec 1976)

  • A: Theme From King Kong (Pt. I)
  • B: Theme From King Kong (Pt. II)

(Apr 1977)

  • A: Brazilian Love Song
  • B: My Sweet Summer Suite

(Apr 1977)

  • A: Brazilian Love Song
  • B: Brazilian Love Song

(Mar 1979)

  • A: Theme From “Shaft”
  • B: Theme From “Superman”

Unlimited Gold Records


  • A: Vieni Qua Bella Mi
  • B: Bayou

(Feb 1983)

  • A: Do It To The Music… Please
  • B: Anna Lisa

(Apr 1983)

  • A: My Laboratory (Is Ready For You)
  • B: Goodbye Concerto

Casablanca Records

  • A: Love’s Theme (Instrumental)
  • B: Satin Soul

Collectables Records


Gloria Gaynor

  • A: I Will Survive

Love Unlimited Orchestra

  • B: Love’s Theme


  • A: Love’s Theme
  • B: Satin Soul


Barry White / Love Unlimited: A Retrospective

Barry White

  • A: Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe
  • B: Never Never Gonna Give You Up

Love Unlimited

  • C: Under The Influence Of Love
  • D: I Belong To You

Barry White

  • E: You’re The First, The Last, My Everything
  • F: I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Babe
  • G: What Am I Gonna Do With You?
  • H: Honey Please, Can’t Ya See
  • I: It’s Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me
  • J: I’d Do For You Anything You Want Me To
  • K: Your Sweetness Is My Weakness
  • L: Playing Your Game

Love Unlimited

  • M: Love’s Theme (Vocal Version)

Love Unlimited Orchestra

  • N: Satin Soul

Barry White

  • O: Put Me In Your Mix (Radio Edit)

Barry White And Isaac Hayes

  • P: Dark and Lovely (You Over There) (Edit)
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