Low Employee Morale! Here’s How to Use Intranet for Internal Communication


Employee morale plays a significant role in shaping a company’s culture. Even if an organization provides its people with the best resources, its work culture doesn’t flourish when employees are not connected to each other and do not get the freedom to share their views. In the 21st-century industry, an intranet solution can be the most effective method to power internal communication and make everyone in an organization feel included.

Earlier, intranets were networks with limited features that only people in a company’s top management used to circulate information. Over time, intranets have evolved to become platforms for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Today, a company can use an employee intranet software to boost morale of its employees and strengthen internal communication. Let’s discuss how:

A Platform to Socialize

An intranet brings employees from different departments on a common platform where they get to know about their colleagues through employee profiles and chat features. Authorized members can talk to others on the network in real-time and share information while being miles from one another.

In this way, an intranet strengthens internal communication and allows employees to come together to achieve organizational goals. It makes users feel that they are an important part of the organization, which boosts their confidence and motivates them to give their 100% on a project.

Features that Promote Collaboration, not Hierarchy

A company with a hierarchy gives a message to employees that all the decisions are made only by the top management. It makes people feel that their efforts are ignored, and they are not given credit for organizational success. Also, it stops employees from sharing their views or ideas with their team leaders.

The best company intranets resolve the issue by replacing hierarchy with collaboration. They allow people from all departments to share information, talk about ideas, and ask questions without hesitation. At an intranet platform, both managers and employees can talk to each other and work together for common organizational goals. Employees feel motivated when they find that their efforts are noticed, and they are being appreciated by their seniors.

A Platform for Collaboration with Remote Employees

In today’s globalized industrial world, where an organization may have its offices at multiple locations worldwide, remote employees usually feel left out. When the situation is left unnoticed for a long time, these employees begin to doubt their abilities and feel that their company doesn’t care about them.

An organization can use an intranet platform to boost internal communication and lift the morale of its remote employees. Workers sitting miles away from the head office can use the intranet’s features to connect with their colleagues and share real-time information with them. In addition, they can take part in virtual meetings to share their views and project progress. In this way, they feel being a part of the company.

A Common Place to Give and Receive Feedback

An employee intranet software not only allows authorized users to communicate with one another but also serves as a common platform to offer real-time feedback and receive it. Employees can use the intranet to share their documents with their team leaders. On the other hand, managers and team leaders can use the network to analyze the submitted files and give feedback. They can also give real-time feedback to save time for employees.

When feedback is shared, employees realize that their work is being valued. Also, it gives them an opportunity to learn new things.

In the End

An intranet is a powerful tool to strengthen internal communication and boost employee morale. An organization can encourage its employees to use the platform by posting engaging content over the network.

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