Major Advantages of Hiring Female Security Guards


The need for security guard services has only increased in recent years. To be safe and secure, a company needs to hire highly qualified and professional security personnel. Moreover, thanks to equal opportunity advances in the security sector, the number of female security guards being deployed has increased exponentially.

Many benefits come with the hiring of female security guards. For example,  women tend to employ a more diplomatic approach to resolve conflicts. Female security guards can also search female clients and customers if needed and enter women-only areas without issue, such as women’s washrooms and changing rooms.

Here, we will go over the main advantages of hiring female security guards.

Industries that Need Security Guard Services

Many industries require security guards to protect their employees, clients, and valuable assets. For instance, retirement and residential communities will require security guards to protect vulnerable senior citizens and children.

Hotels and banks will also need to be protected from belligerent guests, thieves, and violent criminals. At the same time, event specialists will also require guards to control crowds and guide visitors to the necessary rooms.

Public schools and higher-learning educational institutions will also require professional guards to prevent violent crimes from taking place and ensure that students do not get into mischief, such as truancy, vandalism, and illegal drug use.

Vancouver security companies have made marked changes to help provide an inclusive work environment. In addition to providing inclusive work environments, Vancouver security companies also offer event security services for various occasions, such as concerts, festivals, and corporate events. These services include crowd control, access management, security patrols, and emergency response plans.

Many health care centres also hire female guards, as their bedside manner makes patients and staff feel safe and welcome.

Professional security guards are also hired to patrol construction sites, helping ensure no safety hazards present that can put both workers and pedestrians at risk.

What Makes a Good Security Professional?

Ensuring the safety of an entire building or area is no easy task. Vancouver security companies need to hire guards that will go above and beyond the call of duty to provide exemplary protection services.

For a guard to provide excellent protection, they need to have keen observational skills. They also need to be proven leaders that can help de-escalate a chaotic situation and lead by example.

Security guards also need to set their ego aside to work as a team to protect large perimeters. Integrity, honesty, tact, and transparency are also qualities that every quality guard must possess.

A quality guard must also have the ability to communicate concisely and effectively, as tense and chaotic situations will require quick thinking and sound judgement. In addition, the best guards also possess impressive speed and reflexes so that they can quickly capture criminals before they get away. Being in peak physical form is a requirement to handle a wide array of different situations.

Peace of mind can also be assured by having all of the necessary certifications and a proven track record of success. A strong work ethic is also paramount. A guard who cuts corners or puts their well-being above others is not qualified to be a professional Vancouver security guard.

Benefits of Hiring Female Security Guards

Female security guards will add value to the security sector and increase the value of the company itself. For example, female guards have an unrivalled ability to handle conflict. They are often more diplomatic in their approach and have the ability to enter certain areas that male security guards cannot.

Both men and women tend to be more trusting of women, so having female security guards may put students, patients, clients, workers, and customers at ease.

Women also tend to be less aggressive than men, which reduces the risk of violence or harm to all parties involved. Furthermore, female guards may be hired for certain jobs that require a female guard.

For example, a female security guard may be needed to provide protective services at a young girl’s birthday party. Women also tend to be smaller than men, which may allow them to access tight spaces that a man with a large frame would not be able to.

Never Ask a Man to Do a Woman’s Job

Many different types of guards are available, from female and male guards to armed and unarmed guards. Hiring security guards can provide peace of mind and ensure that your most valuable assets remain unstolen and intact.

Female security guards provide superior conflict resolution skills and can enter areas where men are forbidden. They can also be hired to provide security services for women’s only events, such as a women’s conference.


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