Major Issues in Employment Law


There are countless people who depend on their jobs every day in order to provide for their families. There are also countless business owners who have worked hard to build something from the ground up. One of the most common issues that both parties have to deal with is employment law. There are a few common employment law issues that everyone should note.

Independent Contractors Versus Employees

There has been a lot of discussions surrounding the idea of independent contractors versus employees. An employee is under the direct control of the employer and is given a W-2 as part of his or her payroll information. A W-2 typically has taxes taken out of the paycheck in advance. In contrast, an independent contractor is usually given a 1099. This is a separate document that does not have any withholding. Failing to classify employees and independent contractors can be a major employment law issue that can lead to stiff penalties, particularly given the tax implications that govern each employee and contractor. It is important for everyone who runs a business to know the difference.

Handling Employee Complaints

Another major issue that commonly arises in the area of employment law has to do with employee complaints. There always needs to be a mechanism through which employees can bring an issue to the attention of a supervisor. Sometimes, these complaints end up getting swept under the rug. In some cases, these complaints can bubble back up to the surface, creating a major employment law issue. No employee should ever have to deal with harassment in the workplace. Therefore, there must always be a mechanism in place to deal with such complaints.

Employee Training

Finally, there also needs to be adequate training for every employee. One of the most common issues that an employment lawyer in Toronto might have to deal with is issues arising from inadequate training of employees. If an employee is not properly trained, this might be negligence on behalf of the employer. This could lead to serious injuries on the job that might lead to permanent complications. These can be avoided with proper training. Every company needs to put in the effort to train employees properly before they start their jobs.

Common Employment Law Issues

These are only a few of the many issues that arise in the area of employment law. Anyone who has questions or concerns should seek the help of a professional.


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