Make a Deal with the Environment: Tips for Businesses to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint


Earth is the only inhabitable planet for humans in our observable universe. Yet, we somehow treat it like we have alternatives. The industrial age has had a significant impact on the current condition of the environment and every modern business inherits a duty to contribute their effort in being part of the eco-solution.

With the motive of helping businesses in the pursuit to become greener, we have outlined some tips that will help your business reduce its footprint on the environment. Take a look.

Create a Green-Team and measure your carbon footprint

Before taking any step, you must first calculate the carbon footprint of your business. Knowing the exact condition will help you chalk out a better plan.

For this, you can either rope in a green consultant or use a good carbon footprint calculator available on the internet. You can then even create a team to manage all the green initiatives. The Green Team can ideate new plans, execute them, encourage employees to contribute and finally ensure that the carbon footprint graph declines for your business.

Manage waste

Every business needs office supplies. They need essential supplies like stationery, refreshments, workstations, etc, as well as infrastructure supplies and business operation supplies. This usually results in a lot of waste being produced by companies. Timely removal of all this junk is crucial and needs to be done right. Your company can either take care of it internally or hire a junk removal service to take care of it. For example, if your business is in Virginia, you can search for junk removal in Falls Church Virginia and get your junk disposed of in 24 hours.

Junk removal companies send out experts equipped with resources that are required for methodical junk removal. They extract all the waste in the least possible time and dispose of it using eco-friendly options.

Also, having segregated waste bins like dry, wet, recyclable, etc, helps greatly in waste management.

Use less paper

Instead of printing documents, employees can use digital copies and use them in presentations and meetings for reference.

If it’s not possible for you to cease the usage of paper in your office, try to minimize it. Printing documents on both the side of the paper is a great way of reducing wastage.

Furthermore, use Energy Star certified gadgets for printing and scanning. It would be great if you could buy an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier for your office. It will save a lot of energy and consequently, minimize your carbon footprint.

Use energy-efficient lightings in your office

Changing lightings across your office may seem like an expensive deal, but it will save a lot of money and energy in the long run. Replacing the existing light bulbs with LED lights will considerably reduce your carbon footprint. You can even equip your office with modern and energy-saving technologies, like motion sensors, which automatically turn the lights off if no one is in the room.

Also, try to use as much natural light as possible or get solar panels installed to derive renewable energy.

Minimize the use of desktop

In terms of energy efficiency, laptops score way more than desktops. They are around 80% more energy-efficient and hence, are a better choice for offices.

If you use a majority of desktops in your office, make sure you set it to a power-saving mode or consider introducing more laptops in the workforce.

Optimize the temperature control system

Heating and cooling systems eat up a lot of energy and contribute to increasing the carbon footprint. Optimizing the temperature control system according to time and weather reduces the chances of overheating or overcooling, thereby saving energy.

Final thoughts

While no business can single-handedly reverse the harms caused to the environment by industries, you can do your bit by using these easy and effective measures to reduce your negative footprint on the environment and save nature from perishing.

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