Makeup and Skincare Tricks for the Christmas Party Season


Christmas party season is upon us, and so it’s time to start thinking about how to tweak your look for all the festivities and gatherings. You may already have a few new outfits you plan on wearing so why not go the extra mile and embrace some makeup and skincare tricks that are perfect for the party season? Here are some of the top tricks and tips you can use that will have you looking and feeling beautiful.

Plump, Hydrated and Glowing Skin is All the Rage

As far as skincare tricks go, the major one to embrace over the holidays is plump, hydrated and glowing skin – in other words, you look healthy and naturally beautiful. There are several products you can include in your routine that will help accomplish this look. Ideally, you should be layering your skincare products, as this provides the maximum hydration and skincare benefits. This means using a serum, facial oil and moisturiser all meant for your skin type and skin concerns.

Perfect the Holiday Red Lip

When you think of the perfect lip colour for the holidays, red probably comes to mind, but for many people, this can be an intimidating colour to pick out, apply and wear. The good news is that there are tricks and products you can use that will make wearing red lipstick simple.

To find the perfect red for you, be sure to find out your skin’s undertone. There is warm, cool and neutral. Neutral undertones mean you can pretty much wear any red, but cool means you should stick to a blue-based red and warm means sticking with an orange-based red. When choosing the lipstick formula, experts tend to recommend liquid lipstick so it will be locked and loaded and not move around. Check out popular options like this Stila liquid lipstick.

After picking the perfect red lipstick, be sure to also choose a coordinating long-wearing lip liner. You can choose to line the perimeter of your lips only so that you get a precise line, or you can also fill them in which can increase staying power.

It’s Time to Bust Out the Glitter Eyeshadow

Nothing says holiday season quite like glitter, so this is the ideal time to work it into your makeup look. Keep in mind that today’s glitter trends are much more refined and elegant, so you want to steer clear of large or chunky glitter. Instead, look for products that act as a sheer wash of glitter or a soft glitter topper. This will pick up the light beautifully but won’t seem too over the top.

To ensure that the application is soft, try using a finger and lightly tapping the shimmer or glitter to the centre of your eye rather than brushing it on. As for the colour to choose from, the holiday season is all about the metallic shades of gold, bronze, copper and silver.

Using these simple tricks and tips will have you ready for the holiday festivities to begin.

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