Making the Most of at-home Holidays: Family Activities to Try Out


The best thing about the at-home holiday season is that you get a chance to spend more quality time with your loved ones. At-home holidays are perfect to create timeless memories and indulge in family traditions. With the pandemic crisis, however, most families now have to cut back on holiday shopping.

Still, you should have as much fun as you can during the holidays at home. The good is that there are plenty of exciting activities your family can try out this holiday right at the comfort of home. In fact, the exciting the activity, the more fun you can have as a family.

You can turn the self-isolated at-home holidays into joyous celebration. It is time to create enjoyable family activities that would create the memories you will treasure for the rest of your life. Here are the most fun and best at-home family holiday season activities you can try out:

Try Out A New Hobby

It is important for a family to try out a new activity and get out of their comfort zone. It may sound odd at first, but a fun activityto try out, like learning to play the piano together, may just be the best thing you can do as a family. Playing piano tunes creates a magical sensation that makes you appreciate life even more.

Now, you may find an overwhelming amount of choices online for piano apps (one of the most popular ones being Simply Piano, for example), but finding the one that fits your exact needs can be a challenge, which is why we personally recommend Skoove; this simply piano alternative comes with a selected song selection and hand movement techniques, and includes world-leading AI technology that allows the app to focus on your personal opportunity areas, tailoring the training to fit your needs.

Bake as Many Goodies as You Can

Teenagers and toddlers love to measure and mix during the holiday season. In fact, the idea of treats is what makes the holiday season so special for the family. Therefore, make sure to make your kids part of the baking tasks.

Now, it may sound chaotic, but you can assign minor and basic activities. Besides, it is an effective way to engage with kids and get delicious baked cookies. When it comes to teenagers, however, you can increase the participation during dinner recipes and even allow them to take the lead.

Tell a Story in the Spirit of the Holidays

Nothing beats a good old story during the holiday season at-home. The story you want to share during the holidays doesn’t necessarily have to be a ghost story. It can be about an old family story that you want to share with the kids.

On the other hand, you can make up a story that would create more enthusiasm around the house. Remember that kids love stories and relate to fictional or realistic characters on a deeper level. So, make sure the story you want to tell has a personal touch. If you’re busy and out of ideas, you can get a storybook and choose the story that would make the holiday season at home more special.

DIY Thoughtful Gifts

With the onslaught of pandemic and economic crisis, there is a good chance you may not be able to get the best holiday gifts for your family. However, you can brainstorm and create thoughtful DIY gifts right at home. It is no secret that kids love receiving gifts during the holidays.

You can create DIY gifts for the parents, grandparents, and children without spending thousands of dollars. Ideally, you should encourage your kids to come up with a few DIY gifts. As a result, it will also allow your kids to hone their skills and indulge in creative activities.

Take Family Photos

You cannot think of holidays without bringing family photos into the mix. Practically, the at-home holiday season is the best chance to take family photos. Sure, you can take photographs on your cell phone. However, if you want the home décor and details of your house to stand out, get a DSLR or digital camera to take epic and adventurous photos. Later on, you can use the high-definition photos to create a holiday season photo book that will become part of your family history for generations to come.

Create Holiday Style Arts & Craft Session

Arts and crafts activities can entertain the kids endlessly. You can help kids create innovative art projects for an in-house holiday season exhibition. Small things matter the most during holidays, and arts and craft projects have the power to bring joy into your home. Realistically, get the basic art supplies beforehand and create a safe space for the kids to create multiple projects.

Enjoy a Game Night

Game nights during holidays make up the most enjoyable family activities. The trick, however, is to play the game that would make everyone in the house a participant. For instance, you can choose word puzzles or create a chess competition.

Test knowledge in a Friendly Competition

You can make friendly competitions part of the game night during the holidays. If your family members love trivia, you can create a set of questions about a specific household member. It could be something simple as guessing the name of a toy and learning about the grandpa or grandma’s middle names.

Have a Movie Night

Just like game night, movie night is another great way to have fun during the holidays at home. If you have kids, it’s probably not a good idea to watch Die Hard. Mostly, playing “Home Alone” during the holidays is more than enough. On the other hand, if you want to make your holiday night more special, watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” with the family.

When you create the best activities at home during holidays, it strengthens the family bond. Of course, every activity will take basic preparation. Besides, it’s better to plan than wait for the frustration of boredom.

In fact, during holidays, you need to create activities that will drive the dullness away from your home. Often, it takes a photo to get things started during the holiday season. Whether it’s playing the piano or watching a classic movie, you can have the time of your life with your family.

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