Man to Man: Tips On How to Stay Looking Young and Cool

Aging is a natural process and there is little that you can do to prevent it from happening in the first place. Almost every guy wishes that he could maintain a youthful look forever. Unfortunately, it’s impossible because there are many factors that contribute to the aging process. Recently, men out there are going to the extent of getting operations, all in the name of achieving a youthful and beautiful look. Well, the operations are worth undergoing, but there are also other ways you can achieve that cool look without spending your hard-earned money. Without saying much, here are some incredible tips to help you achieve that look you always admire.

1. Apply sunscreen daily

Sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D, and thus much-needed by the body. However, when consumed in excess, the same sunlight can bring harm to your skin. According to scientists, the UV rays from the sun are among the leading causes of skin cancer, a disease that has taken away the lives of many people. Also, the sun rays are known to cause sunburn and wrinkles, both of which are signs of aging. It’s for this reason that dermatologists advocate for the use of sunscreen on a daily basis. Sunscreens act as a protective layer from the sun rays, preserving your young-looking skin.

2. Reduce stress and anxiety

Today, almost everyone is a victim of stress and anxiety, a trend that has seen many psychologists get worried. The rising number is as a result of sudden changes in people’s lifestyles and the hard living conditions. Psychologists always say that stress does not only affect your inner self, but shows on the outside. Stress and anxiety can lead to conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis, all of which can interfere with your young-looking skin.

Therefore, you must make sure that your stress levels are kept at zero. The first step towards fighting stress is speaking out what’s bothering you. Your friends and social support groups can help a lot in the process. Also, you can practice some relaxation techniques to help control stress levels.

3. Get enough sleep

According to scientists, an adult needs at least 6-8 hours of sleep daily. During sleep, your body and mind gets to relax and freshen up ready to tackle the following day. Besides, sleep plays a vital role in slowing down the aging process. According to dermatologists, during sleep, your body releases high amounts of progesterone and estrogen. These two hormones boost your skin’s repair techniques and it’s for this reason that you wake up looking more radiant. Also, the way you sleep has an impact on your look. Sleeping on your side causes lines on your skin. Therefore, it’s advisable to sleep on your back to prevent the lines from appearing

4. Stay hydrated

When it comes to maintaining a youthful look, drinking enough water is non-negotiable. According to the health experts, lack of water dries your skin and leaving you looking tired and older than your age. Therefore, you should take at least two liters of water on a daily basis to keep the water level in check. Besides, it’s advisable to have a reusable water bottle with you always as this helps you fight dehydration.

5. Dress younger

When it comes to achieving a younger look, it’s advisable to never forget your wardrobe. Take Pharrell Williams, for example, the fellow dresses in a manner to suggest that he is in his early 30s, yet he is 46 years old right now. According to Giuseppe Zanotti, your dressing creates an overall picture as it’s what people see first when they meet you on the streets. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget to do away with those oversized and old clothes you may have piled up in your closet. A touch of trendy attires can leave you looking cool to your friends and younger than you really are.

6. Avoid alcohol

When it comes to celebrations, alcohol is an important component as it keeps the party lively. However, the same alcohol can have negative effects on your body and skin. It dehydrates you leaving your skin dull, dry while reducing the iron levels. According to BBC, reducing the iron levels influences hair loss which may be confused for aging. It’s for these reasons that you’re advised to reduce or avoid alcohol at all cost. In case you find it hard to quit, you are always advised to drink water in between the drinks as this helps keep you hydrated.

7. Avoid foods that stain your teeth

Many online platforms will always tell you that you’re what you eat. Yes, whatever meals you consume play a vital role in the aging process. The food you eat, for example, has an effect on your teeth. White teeth are a sign of good health, as well as, youthfulness. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to preserving that youthful look, it’s advisable to avoid meals that can trigger teeth discoloration. Meals such as soy sauce and barbecue sauce are among the stain-causing meals, and hence should be avoided if possible. Also, if your teeth are out of alignment, asking about Invisalign during your dental checkup can be a proactive step toward achieving a straighter, more confident smile.

8. Exercise regularly

According to fitness coaches, exercising is one of the best remedies for maintaining a youthful look. Exercises help improve your body’s circulation, which is essential when it comes to maintaining youthful skin. Also, exercises help keep you in good shape which is a sign of youthfulness. Therefore, you shouldn’t ignore your daily workout routines. You don’t necessarily have to book gym appointments as there are many ways you can work out your body. For example, you can jog or cycle in the morning, practice yoga in your home or skip a rope among many other exercises.

Almost everyone looks forward to preserving a youthful and cool look. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible because aging is a natural process and that is triggered by many factors. As explained in this article, there are various ways you can easily achieve and preserve that youthful appearance. Read through each of the eight tips to understand why maintaining your cool look shouldn’t be an expensive process.