Marcie Blane – “Bobby’s Girl”

A short introduction to Marcie Blane

Marcie Blane is now one of those “one-hit wonders” through her #3 pop hit “Bobby’s Girl” in 1962. She achieved this hit when she was 18; another song of hers “What Does A Girl Do?” was her only other Billboard Hot 100 single. Blane also issued several other singles but didn’t make an impression on the charts. She has since long retired and became a professor/educator in her home state, New York.


Early life

Marcie Blane achieved fleeting fame during the early 1960s through her single “Bobby’s Girl.” She was born Marcia Blank in Brooklyn, New York on May 21, 1944, to musician father Ernest and sometime music teacher mother Muriel. She had an older sister and younger brother and sister.

Through her parents, it was no wonder that Marcie Blank had natural talent and passion in music. She would sing folk songs, accompanying herself on piano and guitar. She also played flute when she joined her high school band, and played violin in an orchestra as well.

Recording career

Marcie Blank’s recording career came almost by accident. She recorded a demo of songs as a favor for her songwriter buddy, who penned those tunes. The teener didn’t think that it would lead to something bigger. She wasn’t aware that A&R man Merv Holtzman of Seville Records got these demos in his hands and listened to them. For Holtzman, it wasn’t the songs that caught him, but the singer. So he offered Marcie a recording contract, which she accepted.


“Bobby’s Girl”

The first song that she recorded was “Bobby’s Girl,” which was written by Hoffman and Gary Klein. She was also given the stage name Marcie Blane. Although she became a recording artist for the time being, life went on as normally for Marcie, who still went to a summer camp to be a counsellor. No one in her class, not even her teachers, knew that she had recorded a song.

When “Bobby’s Girl” hit the record stores and graced the airwaves, the song struck a chord especially with the teenage populace. Because of this, “Bobby’s Girl” climbed to the national charts, finally peaking at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 (and #14 on the Billboard R&B chart) in 1962. It also reached #2 on the Cashbox music chart.



Other singles; Marcie Blane’s retirement from showbusiness

The hit single was almost immediately followed by “What Does a Girl Do.” Unfortunately, the single tanked at #82 on the Hot 100. The song’s rather risque lyrics kept it from escalating further on the charts.

Her other singles such as “Little Miss Fool,” “You Gave My Number to Billy” and “Why Can’t I Get a Guy” all failed to make a dent on the charts. Besides, her peers (or rivals) such as Little Peggy March and Lesley Gore began to take over the position as a top female singer. However, it was a good thing for Marcie Blane for she never really felt comfortable performing on stage. Besides, there were important things for her to achieve than to please the ever-fickle music fans. In 1965 Marcie Blane withdrew from showbusiness altogether and proceeded to finish her education.

She graduated from Queens College and started to pursue her career in education. In the 1990s Blane worked as a music and arts teacher and is married with two children.

In the United Kingdom, “Bobby’s Girl” was covered by Susan Maughan. Her version became even more successful, reaching #3 on the national chart in Christmas time, 1962.