Mardi Gras 2022 launches in Sydney after COVID restrictions lifted


Sydney’s popular LGBTQIA Mardi Gras event has been given the green light after the Australian government announced that the COVID-19 restrictions on all parts of the country will be eased on Friday, February 18, 2022. 

This year Mardi Gras festivals will be a test to show how capable Sydney has moved from the pandemic. It will also show if the state is capable of hosting major tournaments. 

The Sydney Mardi Gras event: Location and time

The Mardi gras event in Sydney for 2022 at the Sydney Cricket Ground parade. On March 5, this celebration will witness numerous performers at the stadium in their colorful attire. 

It is expected that this year’s mardi gras festival will have 6,000 marchers across all 160 parade entries and about 45,000 spectators are expected. 

The theme for this year’s mardi gras is ” UNITED WE SHINE ”. This symbolizes the coming together of all gay and Lesbian communities and standing against injustice and inequality. 

Which Floats are expected to appear this year? 

This year’s Mardi highlights are expected to include: 

Dykes on Bikes

This is arguably Australia’s best female motorcycle club and one of the longest-serving LGBTQIA groups around. They have about 45 motorcades which they will bring to this year’s event. 

First Nation

The First Nations are the brainchild of the ACONs Aboriginal project and Blaq aboriginal creation and they will marvel at this year’s show. They are a favorite for most assists and always put on a good show.


The ‘I just want to be me’ crooner is expected to cheer the show. She is a. 81- year old Transsexual who has devoted her life to giving ideas to all the gay communities in the country.  

Peacock Mormons

Another prominent group that will grace the event is the peacock Mormons. Their motto is ‘Dare to do differently. They embrace diversity and encourage everyone irrespective of class, gender and religion to be together. 

Rainbow rebellion

This is the Australian arm of the extinction rebellions LGBTQIA group. They are usually dressed in red and fossil. Their objective is to highlight and bring together all gays and queens ‘ across the syndney. 

Free gay and happy

The free gay and Happy group is known as fgnhappy is a social group with about 1,500 members. They are usually kitted in superman clothes carrying a newspaper. 

Musical performers are expected at the event

At this year’s 2022 mardi gras celebration in Sydney, individuals to perform include Darren Hayes, the wiggles, Amorosi, prinnie Stevens, Timothy springs and DJ Charlie villas and KILIMI.

Events slated to celebrate the sydney mardi gras

There are many exciting events organized across Sydney to celebrate this year’s celebrations, they include :

Lifesavers with pride rainbow beaches

There is a launch of rainbow beaches in honor of this year’s mardi gras event. This will happen around Queens cliffy Yamba, Avalone, and Bilgola. Many swimming clubs and beach patrollers are expected to attend. If you’re wanting to stand out check out the rainbow beach towels and flags on sale at LGBTQI Flags Australia this season. 

The Taphouse and Elm Rooftop Bar Mardi Gras party

This party will take place in Darlinghurst, Sydney on March 5. It will start with lunch at 1.00 pm and a parade party will happen at 6. 30 pm with a circus celebration. 

Queens Cross Hotel

There has been a name change from King Cross Hotel to Queens Cross Hotel to honor the Mardi gras event. At this venue, you will be able to watch the party and there is an after-party for everybody

This year’s mardi gras promises to be different and all eyes will be on Sydney to see what it will offer.

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