Mark Dinning and His Only Hit “Teen Angel”


Introduction to Mark Dinning

Mark Dinning was an American 50s music to 60s music era pop singer who will always be remembered for his 1959 hit “Teen Angel.”  The Manchester, Oklahoma-born Max Edward Dinning pursued a singing career like his sisters did (his sisters, Jean, Virginia and Lucille would be later known as the singing trio The Dinning Sisters in the 1940s).  It was record producer Wesley Rose who got him signed to MGM Records in 1957.  It was not until two years later when Mark Dinning finally scored a #1 hit, “Teen Angel” which even stirred a bit of controversy at that time.  He would have been more successful if not for his alcohol addiction that ultimately stalled his career.  Although he would achieve three more minor hits, he nevertheless faded into oblivion.  He succumbed to a heart attack in 1986, aged 52.

Short career summary on Mark Dinning

American pop singer Mark Dinning was born Max Edward Dinning was born August 17, 1933 in Manchester, Oklahoma. He and his family moved to Kansas and then to a farm near Nashville, Tennessee. Mark was the youngest of nine children and came from a musically-inclined family. His own sisters Ella Lucille (“Lou”), Jean and Virginia (“Ginger”) eventually achieved recognition in their own right as the traditional pop trio The Dinning Sisters. In 1957, he pursued his own music career, signing a record contract from MGM Records which was to him offered by record producer Wesley Rose.

Dinning’s lone hit “Teen Angel”

After several early failures, Dinning finally gained popularity in 1959 with “Teen Angel.” The song was a big success not just in the US but in the other countries as well. It was a chart-topper on Billboard Hot 100 while it was #5 on the R&B. In the UK and Australia, it peaked at #37 and #3 respectively.

In the midst of Dinning’s career, he was plagued with alcohol problems, resulting in fewer bookings from the promoters. His hits began to up as well. His career slowly went downhill and he was never able to repeat the success of “Teen Angel.”

Nevertheless, Dinning managed to score three more minor hits on the Hot 100: “A Star is Born (A Love Has Died)” (#68) in 1960, “Loving Touch” (#84) also in 1960, “Top Forty, News, Weather and Sports” (#81) in 1961. Dinning continued to perform until heart attack claimed him on March 22, 1986 in Jefferson City, Missouri. He was 52 years old.

Mark Dinning’s discography (may be impartial)

MGM Records

(Mar 1957)

  • A: Shameful Ways
  • B: A Million Years Ago

(Sep 1957)

  • A: When You’re Tired Of Breaking Other Hearts
  • B: School Fool


  • A: Do You Know (There’s A Someone Who Loves You)
  • B: You Thrill Me (Through And Through)

(Nov 1958)

  • A: The Blackeyed Gypsy
  • B: Secretly In Love With You

(Mar 1959)

  • A: A Life Of Love
  • B: Cutie Cutie

(Dec 1959)

  • A: Teen Angel
  • B: Bye Now Baby


  • A: I Lost
  • B: The Blackeyed Gypsy


  • A: I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
  • B: Too Young To Die


  • A: You Thrill Me (Through And Through)
  • B: A Life Of Love

(Mar 1960)

  • A: A Star Is Born (A Love Has Died)
  • B: You Win Again

(Nov 1960)

  • A: She Cried On My Shoulder (While She Talked About You)
  • B: The World Is Gettin’ Smaller (Where Can You Hide Away)

(Jan 1961)

  • A: Top Forty, News, Weather And Sports
  • B: Suddenly (There’s Only You)

(April 1961)

  • A: Can’t Forget
  • B: Another Lonely Girl

(July 1961)

  • A: Turn Me On
  • B: Lonely Island

(Nov 1961)

  • A: In A Matter Of Moments
  • B: What Will My Mary Say?

(Feb 1962)

  • A: All Of This For Sally
  • B: The Pickup

(Aug 1962)

  • A: I Catch Myself Crying
  • B: She’s Changed

(Jun 1963)

  • A: The Twelfth Of Never
  • B: Somebody Catch Me Kissin’ Mary

Cameo Records

(Feb 1964)

  • A: January
  • B: Joey

(Apr 1964)

  • A: Should We Do It
  • B: Call Her Your Sweetheart

Hickory Records

(Feb 1965)

  • A: Dial AL 1-4883
  • B: I’m Glad We Fell In Love

(Feb 1966)

  • A: There Stands A Lady
  • B: The Last Rose

(Aug 1966)

  • A: He Reminds Me Of Me
  • B: Run Opie Run

United Artists Records

(Jun 1967)

  • A: It’s Such A Pretty World Today
  • B: Atlanta Georgia Stray

(Nov 1967)

  • A: Atlanta Georgia Stray
  • B: Atlanta Georgia Stray

(Nov 1967)

  • A: Hangin’ On
  • B: Maggie (I Wish We’d Never Met)

(Aug 1968)

  • A: Throw A Little Love My Way
  • B: A Dissatisfied Man

Eric Records


Dickey Lee

  • A: Patches

Mark Dinning

  • B: Teen Angel

Collectables / Back To Back Hit Series


Mark Dinning

  • A: Teen Angel

Ray Peterson

  • B: Corinne Corinna

Polydor Timepieces Records

  • A: Teen Angel
  • B: Bye Now Baby

MGM Golden Circle Records

  • A: Teen Angel
  • B: Bye Now Baby

Polydor Band of Gold Records

  • A: Teen Angel
  • B: Bye Now Baby

MGM Band of Gold Series Records

  • A: Teen Angel
  • B: Bye Now Baby
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