Marketing Trends To Follow In 2021


2021 is a year full of new emerging trends. In the world of new technologies and brands, marketing, advertisements, or promotions are robust visuals. They comprise of personalization tactics that can be utilized by innovative tech. Today, each brand is struggling hard in competing with each other. Even the small entities are competing with the big giants. This has increased the rapid inflow of technology. Thus, it is not a surprise, or we do not have to be amazed at why the marketing trends are changing year by year. It is only a matter of how powerful marketing strategies your brand follows. Below six essential points reflect why and how the marketing managements are grabbing these trends in 2021 to promote their organizations.

1. Personalization promotes the special feeling in a customer

If you find yourself socialize in the digital world, it is like a game of dodgeball. As buyers, we are frustrated by the daily promotional email spams of different brands. We often find ways to dip, duck, and dodge of such spam emails. Now it is time to get personal in 2021. Personalization is prominent in this aspect. It attracts above 75% of buyers’ focus as they tend to purchase an item through the company that already knows their details. They prefer the company who suggest goods based on their buying history. The vital factor to personalization is to be captivating, not forceful (like the spam emails we receive). Analyze the mantra – accurate audience, accurate channel, perfect time. To examine the tactics of social media, take feedback, and market the right customers with the right products. The goal for the online marketing department should be to personalize, not producing material for mass appeal. Take guidance from the lead market creator on how lead-market can enhance marketing ways.Moreover, marketing tactics, like interest groups, locations, and buying history, can instantly appeal the customer effectively.

2. Visuals are The New Text

An efficient method to showcase information and increase customer’s focus is through visualization. A demonstration through illustrations, such as images, is more effective. The colourful presentation quickly catches the eyes of the buyers. “Strunk Media Group” proved that visualization marketing increases sales by 20% more compared to heavy text marketing. Visualization takes fewer efforts from the side of the buyer to understand the details of the product. The information presented is also retained in the brain for the long-term.

Another visual strategy is to produce a video. As per Dreamgrow research, short video contents grab 40% more attention on social media platforms. Additionally, more than 80% of firms believe that videos offer well “Return on investment (ROI)”.Mind you, an image is equivalent to a thousand words, while a video will be memorable for a long time. It creates an optimistic influence on a brand. Also bear in mind one helpful tip. If the presentation is filled with over-information, there is no need to panic. Manage the volume of the data through making bar or pie charts. You can see steps of making one on YouTube or other such platforms.  Be sure to manage your digital items with a good digital asset management system.

One good way of marketing your product is to place your logo into essential items, like cups, cap and etc., you can browse USimprints for products that you can use for marketing purposes.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is The Future We Need

Having buyers look for the goods was the trend of 2020. In 2021, display the preferred goods for your customers on their mobile screens or laptops. Let the customer see their future purchase before they even know what they want. How is this possible? It is all achievable through AI strategy. AI solutions, like Emarsys, will offer in-depth knowledge assisting in communicate a perfect identity for brands. This will aid organizations to get knowledge of what the personthinks, feels, and does in real-time. In short, AI amends messaging to approach the highest brand efficiency.

4. Shoppable Posts Will Overthrow E-Commerce

The e-marketers should bear in mind one thing. Users on social media platforms, like Instagram or Facebook, jump for joy when they see their ideal products. That all matters how much the posts of the products is shoppable. It comprises of upgraded URL of the purchasing link, and captivating captions. If the e-commerce entity is considering social ways, there is no point of not using shoppable posts.

With a Facebook or Instagram business page, it is easy to add hash-tags of the goods. The generation of 2021 is 73% active on these two social platforms. According to Hootsuite, it is an effective approach to reach the audience of 2021. This is considered as a direct line to products and business revenue.

5. Search Engine Leads To Page Position Zero

In the modern era, search engines have surpassed traditional ways of what we want to know about brands. Now we can utilize the voice assistant technology, like Siri, Alexa, or Google Home. Search engines are upgraded in delivering results, that is, “SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) Position Zero.” It is the embedded block on the upper side of the Google result page. Position zero aids the buyer to see rapid outcomes due to SERP. The data on the featured block shows the summary of the webpage as well as the URL. Enhancing information for position zero indicates staying competitive.

6. Google Ads Promotes Smart Bidding Improving Brand Engagement

What is the library? Well, keep that word aside in 2020. Google is the future of 2021. It is a real-time solution for any information. The phrase “Just Google It” has now been in the dictionary of every individual. Google Ads has been on high trending as a key marketing tactic to achieve momentum for brand management.

Moreover, smart bidding has promoted automated bid strategies. An “automated bid strategy” is defined as a machine learning to enhance the conversations. The feature is called “auction-time bidding.” Also, smart bidding consumes less business time and increases ROI. Smart bidding comes with four essential advantages:

  • Extensive range of contextual signals.
  • Innovative machine learning.
  • Transparent performance reporting
  • Flexible performance controls.

Hence, to meet the above benefits, use the customization as well as target performance that the smart bidding can offer.


Buyers want products, companies want to profit, and marketers seek engagement. They want it quick and fast.  The harmony is within every trend connecting together to improve this aim. As buyers are seeking for product details, it is the marketer’s duty to provide sufficient content. Thus, as we already have entered in 2021, the advanced technology has made this globe a digital world. Start the New Year with an energetic strategy utilizing the discussed trends to boost your business to the next level.

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