Massage Guns: All You Need To Know About Them


It appears and functions like any other power and construction tool out there – and it sounds like one as well. However, such a device does not deal with nails, wood, or concrete. It instead handles your body and muscles. Say hello to massage guns. These guns, also known as vibration therapy or percussion massagers, work wonders for your muscles. All that beneficial body massage without you needing to visit a massage therapist. Here’s what you need to know about these ingenious creations.

What Is A Massage Gun?

A massage gun works as a muscle recovery contraption. It is a portable device you can take anywhere you wish. You can find them in gyms, physical therapy centers, and chiropractic settings. These devices bring an extensive massage by providing short or long bursts of pressure unto an individual’s muscles.

Varieties And Types Of Massage Guns

Like actual guns and power tools, expect to have more than one class or type of massage gun. Each variant has a specific feature or function and other benefits. Here are some of the gun types.


Theragun variants are some of the most expensive massage guns you can purchase. But they do pack a punch. These massage guns deliver a deeper type of massage and are one of the most efficient massage tools to date. A Theragun costs around $200 to $500 each.


The TimTam is one other high-quality massage gun. Among its numerous work benefits, chronic pain management could be the best one yet. A TimTam costs $199 to $350 apiece.


The Hypervolt is one of the more recent and technologically updated massage guns. It is a Bluetooth – enhanced device that improves an individual’s movement or mobility. It also relaxes sore muscles. One of these massage guns starts at $150.


If it is silence you crave, go for the Kraftgun. It is a silent type of massage gun that also boasts an impressive percussion vibration. A Kraftgun usually starts at $250.

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How Does A Massage Gun Work?

It is akin to a traditional massage you can get from a therapist. A massage gun works by delivering concentrated pulses of pressure upon stiff or sore muscles. A ripple forms as the gun gets in contact with skin. This movement increases blood flow to numerous areas in muscles. The result is muscular healing, tension release, knot prevention, and inflammation reduction.

These guns also can improve your agility and motion. A study shows that using massage guns can also lymphatic circulation and improvement with deep tissue heat.

Our Top Massage Gun Picks – Just For You

A good article does not go well without a decent list of items you can peruse at any given moment. So, without further ado, here are our top massage gun choices.

  • The Theragun could be the best massage gun out there. There are many Theragun types in the market, and you can see these alternatives as well.
  • If you are out on a budget, the VYBE Percussion Massage gun is your ideal pick. It gives you the benefit of other high-end models without spending a lot on cash.
  • The Hypervolt Hyperice is the best when it comes to portability. A lot of gym-goers, fitness trainers, and regular individuals prefer the Hyperice for such convenience.
  • The Theragun Elite is for those who want to opt for more high-tech variations. You can set it up with your smartphone, and you can customize the settings as you see fit.
  • When it comes to versatility, nothing comes to mind other than the LifePro Sonic LX Professional. This massage gun highlights one of the most customizable features and settings any massage device can dish out.

The Benefits Of Using A Massage Gun

Performance and recovery

A massage gun’s most crucial advantage is the ability to improve your performance and recovery from muscle-related aches and pains. Many experts in the sports industry claim that massage guns turn the tide in sports and rehabilitation practices. Talk about revolutionary!

Pinpoint pain removal

Another benefit of a massage gun is that it can focus and concentrate on a specific area where the pain is at the worst level. A massage gun can quickly pinpoint and get rid of problems and stop them from getting worse.

Warming up

A massage gun can also give you that extra boost during a warm-up session. Using one can improve the overall range of muscle motion in a limited time of usage.


As a massage gun can assist you in warming up, it can also help you relax after an exercise or workout. A massage gun relieves your muscles of any tension and knots. Such relaxation can improve the quality of your sleep, which affects your health tremendously.

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