Mattress Shopping Master Plan: What To Know Before Heading Out To The Store


Nobody’s too old nor too young to start learning about what goes into the thought process of buying a new mattress. Knowing what you need and what you want with a mattress is vital in choosing the perfect mattress. You’re going to need to be meticulous with your selection process since you’re going to be the one who’s spending every single night on that mattress to sleep – your sleep quality might be at stake!

Know Where You Should Shop

In order for you to know where the best mattress to buy is, you’re going to know if you want to shop at a local store or an online store. Each has its own benefit which you wouldn’t want to overlook – it’s all going to be up to you!

Shopping at a local store would be ideal since the stores would have so much more variety when it comes to mattress types and different options. You could also go out to test the different mattresses to help you better come up with a decision – it’s better to negotiate prices too! Going for the online stores could make the shopping time much quicker since there are fewer options, and you can do it in the comfort of your home.

Know The Size You Need

There’s no point in choosing a bed that wouldn’t fit through the door frames you have in your home, right? Nor do you want a mattress that would fail to fit the aesthetic of your room, much less the dimensions of your bed frame either. So don’t start thinking that all mattresses have a one-size-fits-all type of size; you’re going to need to measure it out and choose the bed size accordingly!

First of all, think of your bed frame – does it suit the size and lifestyle you need? If you have a partner and your bed frame is too small for the both of you, then maybe consider getting a bigger one, and of course, the mattress to fit the dimensions of that more oversized frame. If you’re an overactive sleeper, then you’re going to need much more bed space compared to any other regular sleeper.

Know The Type That You Want

People seem to get stuck on the number one thing when they’re thinking of what mattress to buy is the type of mattress they should get. You know, because choosing the type of mattress is closely associated with the comfortability and quality of sleep you’ll get? So the trend would be choosing a thicker, more cushioned bed for a softer feel.

You’re also going to need to consider your sleep pattern and sleep mannerisms. If you have a partner and tend to move a lot in your sleep, then maybe get a mattress type that has better motion isolation? What about the position you sleep in? If you’re a belly sleeper, get a firmer mattress type, a side sleeper would want something softer, and a back sleeper needs something between the two.

Know The Firmness You Need

In addition to that last sentence, the different mattress types have their levels of firmness as well. So although the firmest memory foam mattress you can find pales in comparison to the firmest traditional spring mattress, you still need to know what firmness level you’d like for the sleeping style you have.

An extra firm bed would be perfect for the people who sleep on their bellies and need that extra support and resistance. A firm mattress would be great for those who have bigger and broader body builds who want to sleep on a bed without feeling like they’re sinking into the bed. A medium-firm mattress would be great for back and side sleepers as it has enough tension for spinal support but enough softness for good comfort.

Do You Need A Trial Period

Don’t ever be too shy to haggle for a trial period – and if you can, maybe haggle for a lower price too! Getting a trial period would be ideal for the people who want to experience different mattress types without spending a lot of money and staying committed to a mattress type for too long and then ending up not liking it anyway.

Often, you’re going to find that many stores offer a trial period for their mattresses and maybe can even guarantee a cost-free return as long as you return it within the allotted time they offer. Of course, you could return the mattress at an earlier time if you simply just didn’t like your sleeping experience and get it swapped sooner. Still, prepare yourself for any restocking costs.


The task of going out to search and buy a great mattress isn’t that complex of a task to pull off. It’s more on the testing out and making a final decision part that gets people paralyzed in place. So if you eliminate the whole thinking process before leaving your home, then you’re going to speed up your mattress shopping time altogether!

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