Mega, Macro, Micro, and Nano influencers. What type do you belong to and how to earn more


The appearance and rapid development of social media have introduced a new buzzword into our daily vocabulary.

Partnering with social media influencers is already common for various brands. According to the Insider’s estimates, brands are set to spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022. What is the essence of this partnership? In this case, direct is not everything, as these days, less than 35% of consumers trust traditional advertisements.

When influencers work with brands, their marketers are reaching out to the influencers’ followers. Even a mere mentioning of the influencer`s name generated via email signature software brings success.

So if you are looking for an opportunity to dive deep into influencer marketing, let’s get deeper into details of your audience, which type of influencer you belong to, and how to get money out of this knowledge.

Increase your influencer visibility

Social media influencers like Instagrammers, YouTubers, various bloggers, and vloggers attract numerous followers’ attention. Usually, they amass this attention by intense production of engaging content.

It is the primary tool of an influencer for business. Thus, over time, they clearly understand what their audience is interested in and maximize engagement. Naturally, knowledge comes with experience, strenuous efforts, and mistakes.

Here are six simple steps to follow to boost your visibility on social media and earn an influencer’s reputation.

Post regularly

Posting unique quality content appealing to you is among the top priorities for you as an influencer. However, the quantity and frequency of your posts are equally important. The best way to make people care about your content is to encourage a habit of reading or watching it.

A habit is a matter of time and hard work. Be realistic. Think how often you can find time to create content pieces and post. Consider making a schedule and stick to it for some time, as all of the social media platform algorithms value consistency.

Advertise your content

Posting valuable and appealing content to the right people at the right time is good. However, the followers’ gain will slow down at some point, and reaching out to a broader audience will get stuck. Luckily, social media platforms actively support marketing activity of any kind and provide advertisement opportunities.

Promotion of your social media account and your content, in particular, begins with actionable yet straightforward steps:

  1. Optimize your content for search
  2. Add personal-branded hashtags and visuals
  3. Create targeted ads
  4. Tag others
  5. Interact and partner with other influencers.

Run giveaways

Giveaway is another buzzword that came into use due to influencers. Indeed, giveaways may be an amazingly effective and fast way to boost engagement and gain new followers.

Simple as it sounds, organizing and holding a giveaway has its pitfalls and challenges. You might get lots of participants, likes, and shares, but in the end, you will get no quality leads ready to sign up and continue following after the giveaway finishes.

To be on the safe side and return on your investment, make sure to follow these simple steps:

  1. Set a clear goal of the giveaway
  2. Choose a good prize
  3. Determine the rules
  4. Promote your giveaway
  5. Track the result of this campaign.

Create email newsletters

If creating and sending newsletters is not a common practice for you, you`d better consider this opportunity right now. If used correctly, a newsletter can help bring your message beyond the reach of Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

An appealing and informative newsletter is another good reminder about your social media presence. This statement has been proved by the old history of newsletters’ popularity. Coming from the mid-1990s, they have proved their efficiency.

A good newsletter is not so difficult to craft as it may seem. Strictly speaking, it has to be:

  • Brief (up to 500 words)
  • Consistent, professional, and to the point
  • Exclusive and addressed personally to each of your followers

Add social profiles to your email signature

Now when you consider sending newsletters, it is high time to think about using every email sent to the benefit of your visibility.

Add social profiles to your email signature

First of all, the creation of an exclusive email signature is a top task. An email signature will help to create a positive lasting impression. For instance, adding a handwritten signature piece would make the impression that you are personally addressing the reader.

Apply a  signature maker tool to draw signature within seconds. Besides, adding social media icons to your email signature would be an excellent step as well.

Message to relevant brands

Here we come to actual actions towards partnership establishment. Some years ago, the influencer marketing stage was limited to top celebrities and professional bloggers. Now, as it became more open and flexible, spreading your influence and monetizing it is much easier.

However, like any marketing tactic, influencer marketing requires careful targeting and planning. You will not achieve strategic success if you offer your partnership to every single brand, mainly those not relevant to your audience. Conduct research and reach out for brands with a clear message.

So now, armed with all the strategic advice, we come to the categorization of bloggers. It’s essential to learn more about the difference between macro and micro influencers as this categorization plays a big role in what types of brands you want to collaborate with. Be attentive not to miss the category you might belong to now or aim to belong in the future.

Message to relevant brands

Mega influencers

1 000 000+ followers

A mega influencer is probably the most popular and widely recognized type of social media influencer. These are celebrities like famous singers, actors, socialists, sportspeople, TV stars, fashionistas, and others. Therefore, they are often regarded as more prominent rather than influential.

Mega influencers have a more distant kind of relationship and interaction with their followers due to their social status — partnership with mega influencers suits world-famous and well-established brands with considerable marketing budgets.

Macro influencers

100,000 – 1 million followers

Macro influencers usually include those who gained their followers solely via online activity as bloggers. Thus, these guys were determined to build their network and make it a real business.

Macro influencers have warm and close connections with their followers, appreciating each one of them. High response and interaction rates make them more influential than famous.

As these influencers know their audience inside out, their services are the most relevant for upper-middle-class brands.

Micro influencers

10,000 – 100,000 followers

This is the most common and the most widely-spread type of influencer. Correspondingly, these influencers have a narrower reach compared to their bigger counterparts. However, they are more specialized and targeted in their reach of highly loyal followers. Micro-influencers are not obligatory beginners or those who did not manage to reach the peak. They have found a niche and feel comfortable with the power they have.

The generation of qualified leads regularly is the crucial benefit of brands’ partnership with micro-influencers.

Nano influencers

10,000 followers or less

Nano influencers may also be called local influencers. The number of followers usually more or less covers their local community. Undoubtedly, their reach is low. However, the response rates and power are enormous.

These influencers usually have real-life close connections and trustful relations with their followers. The low cost of their services in comparison to the conversion rates is a key benefit for local developing brands. Start-ups and small business representatives won`t face difficulties in finding and establishing cooperation with nano influencers.


As you can see, there are several essential elements to take into account before starting your blogging activity or trying to popularise it. Becoming a social media influencer requires strategic thinking and planning. Regardless of the type of influencers, you would like to join, a massive pile of work is to be done.

There is a considerable difference between the influencers and not just where it concerns the type of audience they have and the brands they decide to work with, but their attitude to influencing and relationship with the followers. Decide on your attitude and make it a prerogative in your daily efforts.

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