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Melbourne is Australia’s hub of fun and social life. This is where you get to hang out in different places with your friends while getting around chance meeting other locals too. This city boasts a colorful life that attracts people for a cool and trendy getaway in the country down under. With the numerous places that you can visit, restaurants and bars you can enjoy, museums and art culture, going to this city is totally worth it. You just need to bag some tips to maximize your travel. Here are some of those:

Take Advantage of Free Rides

The transportation in Melbourne is a contactless ticketing system wherein you use a card to get into trams, buses, or trains. This city has a great range of transportation so that they boast the largest tram system of its kind in the world. The public buses go to hundred routes so you can surely find one that will drop you to your destination so it makes going around the city easy and affordable. If you want to avoid other people and travel to a place by yourself, you can get metered taxis although they can be quite expensive especially during peak hours.

Get to Your Hotel and to the Airport Fast and Convenient

Similarly, you can use these transportation services to get to Melbourne airport if you don’t have an airport private transportation or you don’t want to avail of the airport’s shuttle services but this can only work if you are familiar with the place. When you arrive and you want to experience what the city has to offer right away, better get to your hotel as fast as you can so you can leave your things and head out right away. According to Jayride, a Melbourne-based transfer comparison site for transfer companies, there are available airport shuttle buses and private cars that you can ride from Melbourne Airport to your specific hotel. On the other hand, these shuttles and cars can also pick you up from the hotel back to the airport for your flight. Options like this will be helpful to make your transfer smooth and more accurate. Going to and fro on your own might get you lost so you cannot afford to risk it.

Get to Your Hotel and to the Airport Fast and Convenient

Prepare Your Australian Dollar

If you haven’t gotten the chance to exchange your money to an Australian dollar then you don’t have to worry. Exchange booths can be found all throughout the town for your convenience. Even at your hotels, banks have conjointly given outlets for guests to exchange their money. When you need to use the ATM, the machines accept most foreign cards so getting native currency should not be a problem for you. You would only need it when you make small purchases or ride transportations that don’t use the card system. Anyway, most restaurants, hotels and other places frequented by tourists do not require cash and have the option to use cards for transactions.  Also if your moving be sure to consider the impact of moving interstate to melbourne as well.

Visit Melbourne’s Central Business District and Other Attractions

If you want to include beautiful open spaces and gardens, dockland restaurants, and big shopping places in your business then you should go to their Central Business District. You could spend a whole day here and still miss a lot of good places to check and experience. If you are a beach person, you can go to St. Kilda where backpackers and families usually go to enjoy the waters while looking into the view of yachts and sailboats. The area turns into an active nightlife when the sun goes down so this could be perfect for you and your buddies. There are plenty of other places you should visit when you are in Melbourne so make sure you make an itinerary and list all the beautiful places to try as recommended by some blogs and travel guides.


If you are not comfortable with some of the late-night specials that some areas offer, better avoid going into these places. They tend to be dangerous at the wrong hours for tourists. Be careful from pickpockets and thieves and be watchful of your things especially your gadgets. Do not carry with you a large sum of money. Better be careful to enjoy your trip to the max.

When you travel to Melbourne, take advantage of what the city has to offer its guests. Take with you its artistic and lively art scene and culture, enjoy the food, and be safe when you travel to places. It’s certainly a great choice to go see this city for yourself.

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