Mental Stress and COVID-19 pandemic outbreak – Useful Guidelines by Dennis Begos


2020 has been a year of mass hysteria. The pandemic outbreak has made most people stay at home for a very long time. There have been job losses and salary cuts as well. People living in faraway lands can’t visit their loved ones. The year has been high in mental stress for many reasons because there is always this underlying threat of being affected by the virus. For some, the threat was inadequate funds due to a lack of good job opportunities. It is necessary to address the mental stress issues and manage the same.

Dennis Begos shares relevant guidelines

Mental stress is standard across the globe, and it has been impacting various areas of our life. Dennis Begos has come up with some basic wellness guidelines to tackle mental stress.

1. Write a journal

The pandemic fear and stress has resulted in unsorted and confused thoughts. Many people think that the situation will remain the same for a long time, and it gives rise to feelings of stagnancy and isolation. One of the best ways to move past this is to write a journal. You can write in your journal daily or once a week. It will help you to express your thoughts. However, when you are writing a journal, it is necessary to write it without any judgment. You need to opt-in for this as a leisure activity to derive the positivity out of it.

2. Meditate to stay calm

Excess mental stress can impact the body and result in heart palpitations and increased blood pressure. It can also cause hormonal imbalance. One of the best ways to remedy the same is through meditation. When you meditate, you calm your mind and focus on a single thought. Alternatively, you can also get conscious of your breath movement and witness the thoughts that cross your mind. It will help you to become calmer and more grounded than before. It is useful in reducing mental stress.

3. Don’t engage in arguments

People often get into a heated argument about the COVID-19 pandemic curve flattening down and discovering a probable vaccine. It is good to engage in fruitful discussions about the same. However, when the conversation takes the form of a heated argument, you must move out of the same. Heated arguments and debates can increase mental stress. It is necessary to stay away from it as much as possible.

4. Speak to a counselor

The pandemic has resulted in mental fatigue. And people are suffering from an excess of life-threatening thoughts instead of life-supporting ones. One of the best ways to remedy this is by speaking to a counselor. Today, leading psychologists and counselors offer tele-counseling for people who want to observe the social distancing rules. It will help you to sort out your thoughts and reduce your mental stress to a great extent.

Any sudden change in lifestyle with a prolonged uncertainty can lead to mental stress. These tactics mentioned above are some of the best ways to manage your mental stress during the pandemic.



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