Mental Wellness: Why Animals Might Be Better Helpers


Mental health is being taken more seriously today, and it certainly is a good thing. Following the research and studies that have been done so far, we know that it all comes down to a few basic things – positive feelings and emotions are important to maintaining a healthy mind.

In most cases, we find that humans take great pleasure and comfort by being around animals. People with pets, or those who are strong animal lovers, tend to be better coping with life, and happier, too. Here’s why animals and pets could be better helpers in achieving happiness, joy, and mental wellness.

They Encourage Physical Activity

The fact that exercise plays a crucial role in helping one stay fit, both physically and mentally, is not news! Unfortunately, today humans fail in this aspect. It’s hard to deny the fact that the current way of life and the amount of work one has to do through every single day, somehow make it impossible for them fully focus on physical activity and productivity. However, The consequences are that they end up falling victim to various types of physical and mental health conditions.

The thing about having pets is that they make you exercise, no matter what! Imagine the amount of physical activity you will be engaged in when you own a dog, for instance. Firstly, You’ll be walking her, every single day! Then, you’ll also be her playmate. Dogs love action and fun games, more than you do! Whether it’s some frisky fun with a frisbee or just a silly outdoor game that you entirely made up, you will always be in for some daily activities and get moving, more than you otherwise would.

True Companionship

A lot of issues related to mental health, such as depression, arise in people when they feel lonely or left out. The feeling of ‘closeness’ and healthy ‘attachment’ to someone you love is believed to increase your levels of trust and confidence, both within yourself and in others around you. Companions are important for staying mentally healthy, and emotionally too. It’s important to have at least one person with whom you feel a sense of closeness, trust, and confidence.

Animals, particularly dogs, are believed to be great at offering true companionship. You may have noticed that characters in movies talk to their pets and find so much pleasure and ease in doing so. Whether it’s some sort of happiness that they want to share or grief, they choose to chat about it with their pets, and they feel completely fine doing so.

Having a pet also makes you give out a lot of attention, love, and care which is also very important in maintaining mental and emotional wellness. Attention, care, love, and friendship aren’t best felt when you receive them, but also when you offer them to others.

Help Cope with Anxiety

Animals are believed to have amazing effects on those with anxiety. One often gets into a state of anxiety when they get lost in their thoughts about serious things in life, the future, the past, or a persisting problem. This is one of the common scenarios related to anxiety. The environment you live in plays a big role in managing your anxiety. It’s important to have constant positive distractions and activities that can divert your mind from your usual worries.

Having a pet certainly can be super beneficial in this case. Not only are they great companions, but they also keep you engaged throughout the day. This encourages you to live in the moment and focus on little joys, and not get carried away by unnecessary thoughts or feelings. This is why most dogs qualify as emotional support animals. If you don’t own a pet, and you wish to get an emotional support animal to help cope with your stress and anxiety, go for it! The first step would be getting a letter from your healthcare professional which will prove your eligibility for an ESA. Check out this link on how to get this done quite easily

Routines and Lifestyle

As mentioned, having a pet means that you’d be doing a lot of things methodically while you care for it. The walks, the feeds, and the grooming will have to be done in time, and with great care. While you do these things for your pet with dedication and love, you will be disciplining yourself, and getting into a healthy and beneficial routine. Staying committed to a pet is a great way of keeping yourself occupied, and you won’t have time to waste or to think about the negative things in your life because you’d be too busy doing productive things. Your engagement with your pet will also prevent you from developing bad habits and addictions, or turn to any unhealthy/unsafe means of pleasure.

They’re full of Pleasure

Pets tend to give humans a lot of pleasure without even trying. Simply stroking their fur, giving them belly rubs, and taking time to groom them can give you so much enjoyment, just as much as it does to them! Stroking furry animals happen to help reduce blood pressure and have calming effects on humans. This might be just another reason why many choose to have a fluffy furball by their side instead of counting on anything or anyone else. Some people also prefer unique kinds of animals such as animals that emit light to ease their stress.

What About Elders and Children

Pets are great for the aged, the ill, and children, too. As for older people, when they reach a point in life where they begin to feel lonely and bored, especially when their kids and grandkids go far away and have their own lives to deal with, a pet will give them great company. As mentioned, pets encourage laughter, communication, movement, and which are all extra vital when people reach old age.

When it comes to little children, pets turn out to be boosters of development. Children are exposed to various aspects of learning when they engage with pets and observe every aspect of a pet’s life. It’s also believed that owning a pet and caring for them can improve the emotional development of kids, as well as impact behavioral problems positively.

Thus, when people claim that their pets are their best friends, they mean it in every sense. Sometimes, they may not be aware of the many amazing things pets do to their health, particularly in terms of mental wellness. Sometimes, your pet might be just that one reason why some struggles in life never feel like struggles at all.

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